Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap or not

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap. It is that repeated ethereal blog where Superheroes, primarily cartoon characters and masked marauders, and other dudes who tend to dress up in tights, are afforded the grand opportunity to relive their pasts, both good and bad. I don’t understand why, how, humans should think that he or she should or could deserve to have it any better than Superheroes. In fact, I would argue that humans would be treated differently for the sole reason that he or she is, well, “less relevant.” If it made the little monsters feel better, I would gladly take a person on a spin around the planet a couple of times or, well, maybe not that much. Once would be more than enough. I don’t know what the little person would possibly want. Maybe, a lifetime supply of air? Damn, I haven’t a clue. It is…

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