Why i blog

My thinking pen + a socially craving inquisitive mind = why I blog!

Please release me, let me go. Vent. No, not so much venting, but to enhance. Yes, enhance and become a better man. What did Jack; Jack Nicholson say in “As Good As It Gets”? Something, something about becoming a better man. Well, that is the ticket. I blog so I can become a better man. It sounds corny, but it is true. I sit here by my computer with Strunk & White, my constant companions, oh, and my fellow bloggers; you, too. I blog so I can blog another day. There is no other way around it. I am human and I am selfish. If there is a stone, I have no choice but to see what is under the rock. What is more, I not only have no choice to look at what is under the rock but I have to tell my fellow cave men what is there. I have to blog about it. There you have it. Blogging began in prehistoric times. Now, I don’t really know if Fred Flinstone and his pal, Barney hung out with Betty and Wilma, wondering or even thinking about blogging. Actually, they probably didn’t do a whole lot of independent “thinking” on their own. Between discovering fire and whatever else they set their little, yet, well…(woman still characterize us men as being sort of “thick headed.”) Wow, looking back at this, it really seems like a bunch of B.S. Just the same, it is true. Unfortunately, maybe a little too true. Hey, I just drew another parallel between Fred Flintstone and us present-day, techno-Troglodytes without even really thinking about it. That either classifies me as a down-right, out and out genius, a savant or an idiot. Gee, and I even got 600+ on my SATs, well, that was on my Eng. On Math, not quite as great. I have always, since I can remember, allowed that creative social craving, need to blog kind of thinking take over, when possible. Why blog? Why not?  


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