Round and Round and Round She Goes, Where She Stops…

Daily Prompt – Second Time Around

I found today’s Daily Prompt an easy one:  Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?


Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows. Well, to be fair and politically correct you got to, kind of say, “Where she or he stops.” Anyhow, I think that you got the message. My personal fav? Anna Karenina. It is a book that has a more than just little bit of everything. Sure, it is a rather long Russian romantic novel and probably isn’t the first thing that jumps out to you when you are thinking up something to add to your summer book reading list, but it has always been one of my favorites in both languages. Granted, I have never made it through the Russian version on the second go round (I’m sure that it was because my Russsian-Eng dictionary got tired before I did). As a Navy brat (and I was pretty much of a “brat”) just kidding, I have never really been much of a brat. My Dad was a Navy guy, that made me a Navy brat…I was a pure angel. Now, maybe some of the things I did were sort of…wait, we were talking  Anna Karenina or at least I was.  Let me backtrack a bit…Anna K., a navy guy, nah, nah brat…Okay, those Russian novelists really had it going on when they started talking about colorful duels, the adventures across vast continents; smores and roasting marsh mellows and trudging thousands of miles on horseback to find out they got to turn around for some reason or another, probably because they’re teenage daughter didn’t get her share of smores or whatever they like back then. Just thinking of Catherine the Great, Peter the Great, Ivan the Terrible, Red Square and you can’t forget Lenin and Stalin. Dostoevski  and Robespierre and a nice tall bottle of vodka in a sauna would make even the toughest guy melt, especially a big Tolstoy fan. Another reading of Ana Karenina, hands down. You see, I am kind of partial to all of that exciting, rich stuff that is just what Tolstoy put into his works. But, you asked, “What is it that speaks to me? I am not real sure what it says to me; but rather what I say to it. It sort of drums that desire to learn more, fire.  How is it to travel hundreds of kilometers before catching a second breath, trying to “convince” (lie) your horses that home, and a warm bowl of soup, is right around the corner (when it is really “only” a few hundred kilometers). Lying to horses and ponies… By the same token, I don’t think it is fair to limit reading to one book.  Interesting concept, but I am glad it is just a concept. I am even more glad that I have this answer: the reading until my eyes pop out sort of answer. I wish, I hope that others find it necessary to build humongous libraries, get newer and better eye glasses and read until their eyes pop out of their head. Oooops, you almost got me, I almost forgot to get off on that last stop. I am pretty bad about that whole train of thought thing. Sometimes, when I get thinking, talking it all just spins out of control, a brain storming exercise of a sort. I should have seen it coming when I started thing about Russian smores and ponies. However, I stand by Anna Karenina. Can I have another pick, too?  As a good Catholic boy, it would be a sin if I didn’t take the Bible with me WHEN I go.  Then, I also want to read the Koran. I suppose I still have a bit to read. Can it be a genre? Is there a due date? Bored? No. I am a middle child and live to go off in a corner my “literary niche” until my stomach starts to growl and people wonder, “Mark, Mark, what’s that boy up to now this time?”



  1. I think I liked that book because it was fun to say her name 🙂

  2. First name or last or combination or both. You really must be more specific! But, I agree that is fun to say.

  3. And here y’are, apologizing. And you all over him., Come off your high horse

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