Bucks and bucks and bucks and bucks and bucks

Daily Prompt: Charitable

by michelle w. on April 13, 2013

You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away — but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?

First of all. Is this a joke? Are you really going to give me $5 million buckaroonies? Gosh, I would even like to have just the interest on $5 million for say, a day or so. Well, I have a feeling that this is simply a test, quiz to see just how kind I really am. I and my mother can attest to the fact that I am pretty damn kind. Just give me the money, we’ll see what happens. But, if I had $5 million bucks to dole out, I am sure I would have a whole lot of new friends. Five million bucks is quite a sum and many foundations would be glad to take it off my hands. I am not a heel of by any sort and, in fact, one of the more charitable kind of persons around and seeing that $5 million gets into the “right” hands would probably put me, at least, on the organizations good list. I go to a teaching hospital for this incurable disease that I have. It might be wise for me to donate the money to that hospital, the Brigham and Williams Hospital (BWH). Then again, $5 million would probably be just a drop in the bucket for BWH. I would probably want to see that this money is put into a rollover organization, a fund that builds and grows itself. Off hand, the initial “type” of organization would be in the medical vein. I am also very partial to education and the development of education. This would be a factor in my donating money to the Brigham and Williams Hospital, a teaching hospital. But, I believe that this entity is just a little too big. My first instincts were to donate money to the Brigham. This hospital, I am sure, has dealt with just such “realistic” donations in the past. A second organization that I thought of is the United Way. However, I know that the United Way might squander a considerable amount of the donation. I would most likely put the amount into a trust for my sister and her husband to make donations as they see fit. My sister and her hubby know me well, sometimes better than I know myself, and they would be able to direct the money to a good and worthy charity. If they decided to give it to a charity of their choosing, I would understand. However, I am 99.99999999% sure that they would have my very best interests at heart. (Particularly, since he is a millionaire many times over himself). I would very much appreciate the advice of my brother in-law and sister since my brother-in-law deals with millions of dollars on a daily, if not hourly, basis. In short, I trust them implicitly, not just as family but as well-established financiers. I think that trust cannot be over rated. At the same time, abuse of trust can be crushing. My trust of them has almost always been very fair. I can’t remember a time when their trust has wavered. But, are you sure that I can’t keep even just a smidgeon of the five million? No wait! Maybe I could donate the 5 mill to the place where I am now. Naw, I am not even gonna bother contemplating it, since it’ll just end up giving me a brain hemorrhage or something. I don’t need either. But, if I even considered giving the Senior Center five hundred thousand I am sure I could, well, it is all just speculation…but now I live in a lower floor apartment. I bet a donation of five hundred thousand bucks might at least put my name at the top of the list for a “room with a view.” Unfortunately, that view might be seeing a little more than I want. I can imagine getting to wake up to some elderly lady’s under skirt each day.  


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