May’s Writing Contest Prompt: Atilla wasn’t Creative

May’s Writing Contest Prompt.





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Daily Promt: Personal Space


Daily Prompt: Personal Space
by michelle w. on May 1, 2013

To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers? How do you balance that? If sticking to certain topics and types of posts meant your readership would triple, would you do it? for me, it would be 50/50. 50% for my own creativity and self-expression and 50% to attract readers. I am, first and foremost, a writer and must be able to create and express myself. Secondly, I need readers to further my goal as a writer. I have to prove there is a market for my writing.
I would love to triple my readership, but not at the cost of losing my creativity and self-expression.

My answer, in short, would be: write me alone! Write the hell out of here! Or I might say, “Go write back where you came from!” Maybe I’d say, (though I don’t swear) “Go write to F*^$’n HELL! I would hope that it wouldn’t come to such words of hatred and violence. But, I am a man of conviction and if somebody pushes me, I’ll push back twice as hard, perhaps. I mean, if it is sorta damp out and the other guy is bigger than me, well, I might think twice. After all, if it is damp, I would probably wind up getting my galoshes wet and if my galoshes got wet, well, I would be more susceptible to that cold or flu thingy that Olivia brought home from kindergarten. Oh, yes, the creative stuff. Let’s get back to that creative stuff that you mentioned. Creativity; Olivia! Put that down, you’ll put your eye out! Actually, she won’t put her eye out because she already did, she has a glass eye. I know, it sounds odd. She is, well, there are very few five-year olds with a glass eye. Well, it is a long story, kinda personal too. I’m sure you won’t feel let down, left out, if I don’t tell you about Olivia’s loss. Oh, where were we, the creativity. Yes, I think that creative expression is profoundly important, but in no manner, shape or form should we lose sight of it at all. (I know Olivia hasn’t). Anyhow, my personal goal is to get as near to factual expression as possible without needing to sacrifice….Olivia! No, Donald! Donny, you don’t wanna…Donny, please, no, I wasn’t talking about you Olivia. “Without needing to sacrifice  creative expression, just for the, for the sake of getting a little extra money.” Look how it all wound up for Salvador Dali and the melting clocks? Or no, no Picasso, the Earless wonder. Well, both were pretty creative and both expressionists. But, back to that 50/50/50 creativity stuff. I, Mark Coulbourn, think that one person, no, I can only think for me. But, if I made the rules for everybody, first of all, we would all have free apple pie, until it came running out our nostrils! On a more serious note, I don’t believe that creativity has to be sacrificed in order to enhance the level of good production, level of good quality, which is not necessarily the same. What you are asking is if, one’s hand should be cut off to spite one’s face? How about if it is just done one finger at a time? I suppose Attila the Hun would go for the finger-at-a-time option. Actually, he (Attila) would probably most like to rip off every limb-by-limb, just for the hell of it. That is how you and Attila and I are different. Attila was not really believed to be very creative, you and I are.


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