Booking through thursday–not gardening

Hobbies…I can think of a couple of them. In fact, I can now think of at least three. I will work back…now, I am thinking of four…wow! I can’t stop! Okay, I’ll start with the last one. You said “booking.” Did you mean “booking,” as in reading or “booking,” as in booking, running rather quickly? Running away from the college campus police in the wee hours of the morning really quickly because you “may” have tried to pull off some stupid fraternity prank that “may” have involved the most lame fraternity on campus. Which kind of “booking” did you mean? I do enjoy reading and I am, at least, I used to be rather speedy. Actually, and I am proud to say, I went to school on a track scholarship. I ran high and low hurdles; I could really book. I also did the long jump and the high jump. Mind you, this was way back, long ago when times were a hell of a lot better than they are today. Today, kids can really book their butts off. Okay, other hobbies that I enjoy, besides “booking,” as in running, can’t get enough of writing. Since I am now retired, I guess I can say that it is a hobby and, well, it is a hobby. Even, when I was working for newspapers, magazines, etc…I was writing. Writing has been in my blood. For instance, I am writing right now. Maybe you think it is inane and best be filed under “trash” in my computer, well, that is your opinion. Of course, your opinion is wrong and only my opinion is right, at least here. What other hobbies? Let’s see, we covered booking and writing, we can probably add being right to the list. Oh, another hobby is travel. Travel is more a “passion” than a hobby. Travel and writing are the two biggest hobbies I love. Gee, I would even choose travel and writing over sex…well, let’s hope it doesn’t have to come to choosing between them. Another hobby is Mountain biking. Let me see, are there any others? Those certainly are the biggies…oh…trekking and backpacking are right up there, too. I mean, well, of course, languages and the study of languages is a big hobby of mine. It isn’t so much of a hobby, per se, as it is a need. I need to learn languages so I can fill that void. Okay, I can hear you now: “that void,” implying that I have a void, like no other, to be filled. I think you understand what I mean. Languages…by the way, that was stupid for me to bring up the “void” stuff, you are right. But, I mean communication. Maybe, I should stop writing before I dig a void for myself. If I only had to scribble down a few words about a single hobby, I feel relatively stupid. I certainly hope you didn’t expect that I would say, “stamp collecting.” Or “I love to fish!” You may as well thought I would say, “I love to play with myself in the wee hours of the eve.” Ooops, that last one just sorta slipped out. What I meant by that was, what I meant, was monopply. Ooops, there it is again. Mono opoly. Really, this time I am gonna sign off…oh, that is another hobby.          


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