Daily Prompt: Mad Libs

Daily Prompt: Mad Libs.




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Daily Prompt: Mad Libs: “Sarah” the mermaid

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title!


Friends…well; thanks to WordPress I have no more friends. You chased them all away at the last prompt or no, it was the prompt before that, when you implied something, something, and something. Well, my girlfriend at the time said she wouldn’t be caught looking in the same direction as me. I was offended and that led to our break up. But, it is not a real problem because I am a go getter, a self-starter. I live in Rockport, MA and I do have lots of sea friends. I explained my predicament and at least some understood. Just the same, getting a Codd to understand anything is damn near impossible, they are dummy dum dum dums. I went to this Mermaid I am rather cute on and she told me everything I wanted to know. Frankly, I wanted more, but I didn’t want to lose her as a friend (and possibly more), too. By the way, some say Mermaids don’t exist? Well, let them keep thinking that—it will be our secret. Oh, this Mermaid, we’ll say her name is “Sarah,” but I won’t use her real name because if it got out, her Dad would be seriously pissed (I don’t know how he’d get pissed, but…let’s just get this article over with). “Sarah” suggested the article “The,” the adjective “green” and “boat,” as a noun. Actually, she had some pronunciation problems and some other difficulties; too, but she is so terribly (an adjective) hot; I’m a guy! Anyhow, I told her that we can start off with the old sunken ship that is right off Jordan’s Harbor; the one about fifty meters or, rather, sixty lobster traps off deep-land. So, where were we…somewhere around me being a guy and green boats. Yes, “Sarah” and I went out to THE abandoned GREEN BOAT. THE BOAT that, no, THE GREEN BOAT that had been abandoned off of Jordan’s Harbor was a sailboat. THE GREEN BOAT, well, let’s put a little spice into this. I love spice. THE GREEN BOAT had once been a sailboat that was used to carry loot and bounty from Jordon’s Harbor to the…to Cape Codd. Actually, THE little GREEN BOAT was owned by pirates! The pirates had a bigger red boat that held the heavy cargo. It transported drugs and, it transported drugs and gold and coffee. Yes, it transported lots and lots of gold and coffee and drugs from THE sleepy little GREEN BOAT, no, town. THE GREEN BOAT off of the green town off of Jordon’s Harbor transported coffee and guns, no, did I say “guns”? damn, now I am in double trouble. Gee, I am glad that I made up “Sarah” for the sake of everybody’s anomyminity (or is it sea aenomenity? I always screw that one up). Well, “Sarah” said that she appreciated that I included her on the “homework” assignment. I began to tell her that it wasn’t a homework assignment, but before I could say anything she said, “So, I am fixing up a nice little treat.” As she left, she said playfully, “How do you like fish cakes?”  Then, “Sarah” the mermaid swam off.           


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