A Simple Woman Speaks and vice versa

A Simple Woman Speaks


I thought that I’d work on this blog. I hope it isn’t cheating or anything. “A Simple Woman Speaks.” It said something about using few words? Well, I thought that I would come at it from a different approach. You see, I am a very honest person. So it makes this easy for me. I am not a woman at all. I am a hot and cold running red-blooded man. Is that the term? Hot and cold? Or is that just for women in their, well, after their lady days. What I mean to say is, ooh, maybe I am not saying this well at all. I suppose you can tell that I am really not a woman, a lady or whatever. I don’t even know…oh post mena…or is it just mena…gee, I am surely not making any friends on this one, eh? (By the way, I hope that this half-assed blog doesn’t offend too many of you). I just saw that “A simple woman… and saw it as a challenge. As a simple man– and by now you can pretty much tell that I am a very simple man and probably a very simple mind—but, as a simple kind of guy, oops, I already forgot what I was going to say. I guess I am even more simple than I thought (but I suppose that is nothing to brag about). As for speaking when I use the pen? I like using the pen more too. I think the words flow better and, well, they flow. On a computer, the words are just sorta punched out like they used to be on the typewriter. Even us, or some of us, red blooded hot and cold (excuse the term) men like sitting in the back with a pen and paper, writing notes, watching that the kids don’t kill themselves playing on the swing set (God only knows how a kid can kill himself on a swing, well, mine could). Gee, I shouldn’t bother about the kids. If my wife finds that I have been talking about mena…she’ll kill me!       


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