Daily Prompt: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text, World

Daily Prompt: It’s a Text, Text, Text, Text, World


Text, text and text. I suppose it is all in the writing, right? It seems that the modern generation has a whole different set of values when it comes to communication.  I have always appreciated sitting down with a good book and I have recommended that my students always beg, borrow or steel a copy of Strunk & White’s: “The Elements of Style.” I believe that good grammar and punctuation is as important as a clean pair of jeans or personal hygiene or undies. It isn’t a matter of being stuck up or anything. It is just considerate to change one’s undies every so often. I don’t expect that a person or group bend over backwards to satisfy my “need” for good grammar. First of all, it isn’t my need. I think that a person should present themselves well because he or she wants too. Though I seem to be very adamant about this, I could really care less. I am just saying that our society, the US, and the world is pretty illiterate in speaking and writing. I am hardly the model of good writing or  speaking or anything of the sort but I wouldn’t say that I am such a slouch either. I cannot believe the people who graduate from colleges and universities these days, and with degrees–no less! And, High School kids…that is a whole different matter. I think that the lone requisite to obtaining a High School degree is that you must be a boob. (No, not that kind of boob). Now, I am sure that you will find a bunch of errors in my punctuation, etc. in this…uh…blurtation of ideas, but my opinion is only my opinion, unfortunately. If my appreciation for good punctuation and grammar is offensive to you, well you’ll have to go suck an egg or even two. I think that society has let texting run ramped. Communication, tele communications aren’t limited to the same standards that I think they should be. But, I could care less (remember)? I can’t help but recall that all my nieces and nephews all grew up with these advanced texting skills. How did they learn all that stuff? Any one of these kids could pump out a text or something like that in no time at all.  My sister and brother always said that they would loan me one of their kids, have them teach how to text.  Those kids can text like there is no tomorrow. They’ll be texting till my head spins right off my body.  And there are also the cell phones!  Maybe someday I will learn to text and phone or at least one of my brother or sister’s kids will show me the light because this is a text, text, text world. Really, I am not so obsolete, (at least not yet).


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