Daily Prompt: Landscape . forest for, or

Daily Prompt: Landscape

When you gaze out your window–real or figurative–do you see the forest first or the trees?

I never really knew about that one, I guess you can say it either way. I suppose for that matter there is a lot that I don’t know. I mean, there, of course, is a lot that I do know, too. I do know that I have to get on with this post before I forget. The train of thought, it really is amazing. Anyhow, forest and trees. Do you see the “forest or the trees? But, I always thought it was “Forest for the trees?” That was always one of those phrases that I just kind of muffled over, sort of coughed or looked away, GAZED out the window with that simple kind of look on my puss. I guess that is why I am trying to get into some sort of sketch class, I am not real into oils, and maybe water colors down the road. “Baby steps.”  I guess it might be wise for me to learn to draw a straight line before I can go doing a mock up of Mike’s chapel or making a go of the Pieta. Like I said, “Baby steps.” I remember a few years back, okay, maybe it was many years back, some said, “He’ll never learn to cook,” this was down in Mexico. While I was busy learning Spanish, I started in on a French cooking class. Don’t even ask why I was studying French cooking in Mexico. The long and the short of it was that I made it out (of Mexico) with a pretty good handle of Spanish, mostly because the lessons were all in Spanish, but I am a Sous Chef. I can now boil French eggs! Eggs Benedict, the whole schmeer.

            However, before I get too off topic, let me sort of drift back from Mexico and French cooking to the figurative reality of checking out the forest for the trees…or the trees. This, this is no doubt similar to an ink blot test, am I wrong? I’m also guessing that this is a little about introspection and a house of mirrors and its polar extrospective. Or it is simply a long-winded look at who flew higher, Jimmy or Jim?   


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