What to Do about Mother’s Day…every day

What to Do about Mother’s Day

Below is a set of prompts that always works for me when I want to turn my mom into a teary, smiley goo-ball of love. I post this prompt set every year, but I’ve added a few, just to keep it fresh.

Great idea! Though I don’t want to turn mom into a teary, smiley goo-ball of love (actually) just the thought of it ne think of a Dr. Seuss character or Mr Grinch and Little Cindy Loo on Christmas, I guess I could go on. Anyhow, the idea of keeping some sort of log is probably what would just be up Mom’s alley. I have only one question of you, where were you when I needed you most? Or do you know of any time machine that can transfer me back in time so that I can start writing my log? But with my luck, and actually, I am a rather lucky guy; and, of course, I would only mean “my luck” in the best possible worlds. But, with my luck, I would be given a take it or leave, do it or give it to some infidel, travel to Spain, Indonesia or Peru. I have never been to Peru but I hear that there is some pretty good surfing there, the best in the world. I also hear that checking out archeological wonders isn’t bad. Me, I think I could get into a little spelunking and a whole lot of climbing. Outside of Moscow and maybe East Europe, I think you got premier potatoes in Peru. But, I don’t think that Mom would be happy if I brought her home some mushy, mashed potatoes from Moscow. Actually, I don’t think Mom would be delighted with anything with a Moscow label on it since she was there for a while and learned how to love it and especially leave it (both the potatoes and Moscow). You see, I am sort of tired of giving Mom the same old thing, year after year. Flowers. Sometimes I can mix it up with plants but it is usually one or the other. Last year, last year, oh, my nephew, sister, and that crew just blew me out of the water with a rose bouquet, flower-plant bouquet! My sister, knowing that my income was beneath $100 million a year, whispered to this lowly bachelor, “We’ll put your name on it too, okay?” That is really too kind of them, but…Perhaps, it was always because my sis just got back from Lima, Peru with her husband and kids. I don’t think that they had any time machines but, of all people, since she is a Mom herself she would know exactly what to get our Mom for Mother’s Day. I’m hoping that a plant will do the trick until next year; after all, it isn’t like it is a competition, right? Maybe I will kick off, after this year’s Mother’s Day, of course, some little satirical vignettes about Kilgore Trout and his bounty. Hmmm. What to do about Mom’s Day 2013 (that’s probably what I asked myself in 2012 but this time I REALY mean it)? I guess I’ll do the flower show again. Mom said, “I’m happy with absolutely anything from you.” By the way, happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out in cyber land.            


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  1. Whatever you do she’s sure to be happy in the simple fact that you remembered. BTW, did you know that Vonnegut’s own mother committed suicide on Mother’s Day … not even Kilgore could save the poor woman … sad …

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