daily prompt: love is what it is what it is

I cringe at the thought of doing this post. You are probably wondering, “Well, why the heck are you doing it?” I am doing this because, well, I am doing this for a couple of reasons. I figure that only practice makes almost pretty good. I couldn’t dream of getting to be great. Yes, in my case practice means pretty good or at least better than before. Love? What does this all have to do with love? I love to make myself a little bit better than before. It usually isn’t puuuuurfect. It rarely is perfect. That is love: Finding that something, that one thing, and wanting to make it more than your own. Sure, I could say that love is that grand feeling one gets between ones’ loins when a six foot three blonde comes sauntering into my man cave (she could also be a five foot nine brunette). I guess if I were able to make a special request, page 33 out of the December 1999 Sports Illustrated would be what I might want for Christmas, and I promise you that it wouldn’t come in the form of Ronde Barber or Tim Tebow (backs who still keep popping up like bad pennies). They just don’t makem’ like the used to, drats, the SI models, of course. Love. I guess you have figured that I am just another one of those x Bachelor, x jocks, who doesn’t really know his ass from his elbow, much less what love is. However, my favorite restaurant is Johnny Rockets, I am a wanna be Golden Retriever, apple pie is my desert of choice (I love apple pie), and, to this day people confuse me for Opie; Opie Taylor of Mayberry (Sheriff Andy Taylor’s kid). Oh, love. I can’t forget the love for Mom, it being Mom’s Day tomorrow and all. Actually, that reminds me that I have to go up and pick up my back-up present, some flowers. I didn’t want to have to do the flower/plant route again, but Mom can never get enough of the green stuff. Even I realize that mom has had to deal with more than quite a bit when it comes to having to put up with all of my tales and travails. She still manages to put up with me. That is love. Oh, I gotta click off, e-harmony.com is on the other end.


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