Daily Prompt: oval shapes and images and ovals and ovals

She stared at the oval image in the oval frame. It was sort of a trigger. It was a sort of demented reaction to the meds that she had been taking ever since her daughter, Angela and one other girl had been mowed down by that careless  taxi driver. Well, it really wasn’t his fault but she needed to blame the accident on somebody. And that is what it was: An accident. This guy, the driver would be blamed for the rest of his days. If he wasn’t busy feeling guilty about the accident himself, Angela’s Mom and the others were right there in line to make him feel like he and anybody who looked like him was the scum of the earth. For the longest while, the two boys, whose fault the accident really was, got away with it. But you know what they say, “The truth always comes out.” Well, the truths don’t always come out and sometimes they sit, buried deep beneath all the other bull for almost always. But, the truth will set you free. Well, actually, the truth doesn’t ALWAYS set you free, either. Anyhow, the boys were counting on the truth to set them free because No Body or No Thing would be doing that. And that burden of guilt is pretty damn heavy. For the two the two girls and Angela’s Mom it was already too late. Angela’s Mom: She was sentenced to a lifetime of staring at oval images, mirrors and shiny things. She was especially distraught over it all and enlisted various friends to arrange oval glass and mirrors and eggs in a million different patterns that only made sense to her. Little did anybody know that one of the people hurt most by the accident was the cabby’s 12 year-old niece Kashfar. Well, she was 12 then. That would make her about 53 now. Just three weeks after the American and British girls were struck and killed; Kashfar was raped, raped for the first time. She was raped again a few weeks after that. Nobody ever found the raper or rapists, probably because she spoke up too late after the attacks. Kashfar did say that there were two boys. She said that she thought they were the same as the first two. At that, her uncle, the Taxi driver, said “The first two?”He said in Farcy, “there were others? “you didn’t tell us there were others!” She looked down, as though it were her fault. Her uncle, her favorite uncle comforted her and said, “I am so, so very sorry about it all.” Forty-one years later she told her uncle in Farcy, they were blonde-haired men, they spoke English. Nobody could really prove it. Nobody could prove that the boys were at fault but they were never going to be innocent either. The Taxi driver? He lived with the shame. The Taxi driver was attacked but the worst of it all was when he learned that Kashfar was a victim of his crimes that were not even his crimes. There certainly were enough emotional scars to go around.


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