Daily Post: Davis…Threes

Heroes. Now let’s get this straight (He said in a rather nice and non-condescending tone of voice.) Are we talkin’ Super Heroes, as in those tight wearing twerps, like Bat Man and Robin, Super Man, or are we talkin’ submarine sandwiches. It isn’t like it is a real big deal or anything. Well, yes, it is a rather big deal, but I think any possible “damage” can be limited if…if, said the dust buster to   Ms Davis, who was Growing by the minute. She was now 36 inches tall. She bragged, for some unknown reason and in a rather hushed tone, that 36 is puuurrrfect multiple of 3 (Could she be related to BatGirl?). If she is a relation that could very well be to our advantage….I mean if you are talkin’ about Super Heroes. If you are talking subs—well, drats. We will have to go in a different direction. Either which way though, we must be cleaning up the mess. That is where the dust busters come in. It will be tough, and I hope that they (the dust busters) won’t get all clogged up with goooy chocolate cheese, mayonnaise or lettuce. Now I think about it, maybe would be a wise idea to bring an extra set of three dust busters, maybe three more, if the price is right, what I meant was: “If the price is reasonable.” Oh, speaking of “the Price is Right,” if Bob Barker hasn’t keeled over yet, you might get him to come on over. Tell him he should bring three of his finest ladies. The old coot still gets ‘em; it’s probably Viagra gone crazy, or something.    The three stooges…oh, did I tell you the stooges will be there, helping us out? At first, they wouldn’t have anything to do with it since they had previously had some run in with the dust busters, or something. You know, the whole morphing deal. I am not real sure that it is in their “contract” but I think it is all smoothed over—you know how them numbskulls can be. They are the stooges. Gee, they are like icons (or at least that’s how you can build them up) because they have egos like Superman. Oooo, we got a bit off topic, and look at the time! It is almost 3, again. I think, I think that we are stuck on threes! The stooges! Three o’clock! This just may work, this plan I have. I know it is a stretch, but we have been pretty lucky thus far. Are you ready? Cross your fingers. Marty McFly, from the movie “Back to the Future, part 3,” along with Doc and Biff, another trio of numbskulls, but not nearly on the scale the stooges, come strolling back from the future in that De Lorian. In fact, I think I might try to get one of those for myself, one of those that screams Huey Lewis and the News tunes. Anyhow, the threes—well, if we can manage all of that, we are in pig or rather (Hog Heaven). But if we can get three Super Heroes to step up, though I know how hard it is to count on any of them. Like Viagra! I was going to stretch it a bit further: belt, suspenders, and war paint, but I think we are covered. I am just hoping; nay, praying that nobody comes asking about THREE gadgets that go into a bar, asking each other who sucks more?! Who sucks the most?! Or who is a better dancer?!  gadgets can’t talk!


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