Hagetha Speaks On: Awards! Again

Hagetha Speaks On: Awards!

Well, I must say that when I got the notification I was very excited. I shared my joy with Hagetha and she got excited too. See?


First. I would like to pass on my congratulations and or condolences for your new award. Congratulations for the book deal. Hagetha Christie, from what I know of her, seems to be a nice young lady. Unfortunately, Agatha Christie is not young. In fact, Agatha Christie is dead novelist. Judging by her sketch, she seems to have the appearance of a Ms Angelina Jolie (prior to her double mastectomy, of course). Cave? I wouldn’t have a clue (But, Angie doesn’t strike me to be much of a cave dweller, when I went to her home and Brad’s in New Orlean’s there weren’t a whole lot of trolls around). However, when we are talking food! When we are talking GRUEL? Food? That makes my mouth water. Cave? I let others worry about that, besides; I am not really real into sharing. That is just not my thing. I suppose that the gruel thing is sorta about sharing too. But, but I am pretty much about the taking and the eating. Oh, and that thanking? Well, I can do some thanking. As I said earlier to Ms Davis, I’d like to thank the Academy, the Flying Monkeys (she said something about monkey people or Gargoyles), I would like to thank the WordPress Awards (I figure that is killing two birds with one stone, thanking somebody for you and your nominating me. I thanked some others in a note that I sent on. I belie it was my Savior and my Mom. (Don’t tell, but I am sort of not religious and haven’t gone to church since…a long time) That is more than enough thanking. Oh, and you said seven things. Seven?

Are you absolutely sure that you are talking “Hagetha?” and not “Agathatha,” I mean “Agatha.” I understand the gruel deal and that you don’t really like to share. But, I don’t  understand the name business. I like pie. I have a pie…I like to eat whole pies at 6 pm. I am rather fond of the the 3 stooges. I especially like the odd sounds that they make…yuk, yuk,yuk! And ooluluoop! another thing I think I alone share the same number of letters in my name as Luke Skywaker. By the way, I tried sharing the award.    


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