“Fifi! Get back here!”

“Fifi! Get back here!” Sandra got along with dogs and the extra income helped off-set her tuition to beauty school. But it seemed that every walk with Fifi was a new adventure; Sandra did not understand her elderly neighbor’s love for this dog at all.


“The adventure of it all! Such excitement in the air! But, you know toy poodles. Well, only some were poodles. They were young, real young and hadn’t yet been trained to ‘contain themselves.’ Fortunately though, this was outdoors. Just the same, there was so much of it. Here a poop, there a poop…no, this was simply runny poodle feces. Fortunately,…no, there were no two ways about it. It was crap. I guess you could say that it was Le Crap. Or would that be Le Crape? Hah, serve that up on a cracker, as pâté, to your boss at the next dinner function. Oh, that is getting a little off topic, this stuff, this doo doo ala dog was plain old crap any way you looked at it. Frankly, it was kind of weird to hear the puppies speaking English. Up until now their French was impeccable. They, the pups, seemed to be much more comfortable in their native French and they were just too damned cute all frolicking around. It was inevitable though that one of these pups was bound to go chasing after one of these some squirrels, or something. It was a fruitless task and the older dogs had learned. The dogs had all learned from experience. The squirrels were just so damned quick. Some of the smarter ones just liked to screw with the dogs by letting them almost catch them, then zip off over a pond or something. In any event, the pup got the worst of it. The masters, they laughed. However, the real joke would be on the masters because the pups almost always would shake off and splatter mud all over the place. This pissed off the masters to no end. Off to the ‘Boston Community Dog Park’ it was Floris, Cheris, and, of course, there was that rebel rouser: Burnelle and me. We were to meet up with her boyfriend and his husky. I didn’t know his name but I heard that he was a real charmer. Rumor had it that our master, after this would be putting one of us up for adoption. More likely, it sounded like she would be kicking one of us to the curb. Somehow, I thought Floris was going to be getting the “axe.” She never really did like that bitch. You know how catty girls can get, especially when one is a dog, a pup. But, it wasn’t like Floris would be strewn off to some circus. I think Floris was heading off to this veritable puppy mansion. No, it wasn’t a mansion with tons of puppies but it was one of those places where pups could run around freely, do what they pleased the owner: a rich, really rich Boston guy. Actually, I think he was ‘connected.’ Yes, Floris would be getting bones up the wazoo. This guy was with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The main deal, the connection was that Fifi the toy poodle, that gussied up little babe was pretty much auctioned off to the head of the DMV. He wanted Fifi for his daughter. Fifi was all shaved, pretty like. You know how those toys can get. She was died in pink and they put some collar around her. I think it was all some birthday party or something. It was either that or they were trying to bribe the kid; I’m thinking birthday party. You see, it all went down pretty quickly (even by dog standards). But the birthday girl, got a few bucks, well, quite a few bucks. She was in school at the time. I think it was nail school, no, it was beauty shool. Maaybe it was bartending school. Anyhow, Mom and Dad felt pretty guilty. Sandra’s little sister said she wouldn’t forget. She didn’t. When it came time for Sandra’s little sister to cash in best: Wam! She brought out the big guns. Sandra’s little sister ended up getting a toy poodle. She ended up getting Fifi. Sure, there were there were those idle promises that she would walk the pup. She would take care of the pup. How long do you think that lasted? I think Fifi had managed to escape the wrath of that kid within the first week or so. After all, that kid was a little firm handed. It was Mom. Mom was the easy, the laid back person of the bunch. The maid. The maid was pretty off hands, too. But, the maid would be getting Fifi all of her food and bones. It was the maid who Fifi would bark up to.


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