Story A Day May #17: Search the Markets Masked Crusaders Needed!

Story A Day May #17: SeaStory A Day May #17: Search the Marketrch the Markets

So our instructions today were to search the markets and prepare a wildly rough draft of something according to the submission rules offered. I have a 2900 word piece that I plan to prune down to 1000 for…

The markets. Down. Down. Down. I think? Actually, I don’t really know. Besides, even if they went sky high, I don’t think I’d really hear about any change for a millennium. “I take that back,” he said after a humongous long-winded sigh. “A millennium is a pretty long time.” He said, “A dramatic shift in the market might just have some effect on…on…making up the baseball schedules, the cards and their trades, of course,” as if this hotdog and brat, German brats! And, what would a hotdog salesman know about anything, let alone Wall Street and what made it tick. “Any real fluctuations,” he said, “might make up differences whether if I can go see the ball game at Fen way Park or if I have to watch it from my living room and stare that that ugly assed, pocked-marked excuse for a son-in-law.” He continued, “My wife would certainly like to know if the hot dogs would be expensive? I would like to know that too! You see, I am not loaded.” The markets, and the economic shifts will very likely determine any eventual outcome that the Red Sox will have this year, the stats. “This, of course,” he added, “is if you are talking about “stock markets,” he said, “One of those economic markets that I don’t really give a damn about?” He said, “Wew! Holy Moly,!” And sighed, “I’ve no clue; couldn’t really give a shit about them anyway.”

“But; if you are talking, “Supermarket’ places,” one of those places where they serve up brats and beans? That is a pretty different thing entirely.” He said, “So, which is it?” There are some similarities,” but he thought it would be better not to get into those quite, yet. Because, we weren’t just talkin’ fans, but these were Boston fans, or many of ‘em seemed to be. We weren’t just dealin’ with the Sox, but we were also dealin’ with brats and beans on top of that. This was like, like…this could be a really bad, really combustible situation, a powder keg! If it wasn’t dealt with clarity, quickly, quietly, carefully and decisively, God only knows! We needed Batman! Damned, it was too bad that Batman, Robin, the Joker, the Penguin and even the Green Hornet weren’t able to pull themselves together for the greater good on this one. If only, if we could only call the crew back together again for one last hurrah. Maybe, just maybe we could. We are sort of desperate here. This one; this Brat Fest that I’m talkin’ was right up their alley. Hey!” He said, “Maybe we would serve beer!?” He answered, “Are you joking?” He answered, “Whatever it takes.” Finally, Alfred spoke up, he said, “Master Wayne and I. I mean, ‘he,’ would have to draw the line there at such how… do they say in American, rampant ‘commercialism?” Does that stink to much of “market” and stuff like that? By the way, how is the brat market doing lately? The brat market in Boston since we will probably be dealing with brats and beans.


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