Daily Prompt: Thanx

Thanx; thank you, you hear it; you say it a hundred times a day (or at least I hope you do).   But, do you really mean it? Do you really say it? I am guilty, too or I wouldn’t be writing this. With any luck, someone, somebody, will take a gander at this, and see that this clown who calls himself a person might just have a point. That, would sort of like be killing two birds with one stone (not that I am advocating going out and killing birds). I mean, I am hopefully pointing out what some people should have been doing all along. After all, what goes around comes around and thanking others is pretty much just decent. Sure, many of us get a kick out of seeing Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show and all the wealth and greed that goes with it, but you and I, Americans, are guilty of all this reality bull, too. Don’t deny it. Then, you rationalize it and say, “Well, it is all for charity.” Is it? I am not implying that it is not for charity. I am not implying that it is not going to a few real worthy causes. I am, however, stating that the greed thrives on itself and that it is all pervasive. A thank you here; and, there, and, probably, there, again wouldn’t hurt. I am not talking one of those off handed thanks that you shell out like chocolate coins. I mean a hardy: “THANK YOU” like you really mean it, a Santa-like thank you that jiggles like a bowl full of jello. Have fun with it. I’m don’t meant to be spouting off some sermon about how I am good and you are bad, even though that is probably the case, since I am the best person the world has ever known (other than Jesus, Ghandi, all each of the popes, Mom and Dad, and possibly a few others). You see, what really drove me to all this “thanks” stuff was that I never really thanked those really put themselves out there for me, when I needed it. You’re problem; not mine. You are right, it isn’t your problem and I am paying for it every day and will pay for it by shoving meds down my gullet and making others around me feel like it is their disease by default. So, I just want to give my heartfelt thanks to everybody. I guess just throwing it out there and hoping it lands in the right hands is all I can do.   

Ten cents; or ten dollars, it wasn’t different. I mean; when it all boils down to it, it is all pretty much because you are talking about it not coming from your own pocket, not from your blood, sweat, and tears. How could it possibly be the same? It’s nothing but a pack of lies, truths, or something out of a Tennessee Williams’ heroe; maybe just a sub or a rose tattoo. If there wasn’t enough wealth between Rome, New Orleans, New York, Fitzgerald and Gatsby were there to “donate” it and tie it all up with a slew of gangsters and a Tommy guns or two. What other thanks can a mere capitalist want?    As the famous Wimpy used to say, “I will gladly pay you on Tuesday, if you loan me a nickel today.”  And you can take that to the Bank!!


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