Daily Prompt: Goals …GOOOOOOAL!!

Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals?

When I sat down to write this blog today, it got me to thinking, not that I don’t normally think. That or I hire somebody else to do my thinking for me. Don’t get me wrong, often I do much or ALL of my own thinking, but it got me thinking about train overall train of thought, how to use it most expeditiously, and how blogging has been good for me because it has forced me into thinking creatively, outside of the box. Over the past few months, my creative thought processes have pretty much zoomed from what they once were because I have allowed my mind to wander off into uncharted territories. Unfortunately, my eyesight has gone south due to the fact that I am spending more and more time behind the computer monitor. I, also, believe that creative thinking has suffered and been the victim of crimes brought on by larger and harsh economic, political, etc. ideals.  This topic alone will get you thinking and give you an ulcer. Where was I, oh yes…train of thought…my goal today and everyday is to put something down on paper that makes sense or has a direction or leads to an idea that has a direction. Yes, I believe that there must be a goal no matter how convoluted; however, I also believe that one must not squelch or allow those “goals” to control or stink up the creative process of writing. After all, there is enough stinking going on in writing and thinking that we don’t need any more. I guess this makes me sound like a creative dinosaur. Not true! As I am sure you know, one must be pretty fluent in the language of cyber speak in order to survive today. Though I am not real great, I have been able to upgrade from I-tunes to Windows or is it the other way around? Okay, I’m not so savvy, just a retired x-Jimmy Olsen (not to be confused with the Olsen sisters) and my paper and pen. You see, old habits are hard to break. The question…did I have a goal when I set out to write today? Yes. My goal was to write. My goal each and every day is to go out and spit up as much as I can about a variety of topics that have been or might not have been presented to me. If I am unfamiliar with the topics, Google gives me a hand. I am really keen on researching lots of new things all the time, and I have a natural kind of curiosity that keeps me going. The combination, along with the fact that I have a lot of free time and a few thousand years of education under my belt has been able to help me weather a storm or two, oh, that and several jobs as a writer and journalist the world over. For that reason in itself I am into blogging. Though it has many pitfalls and takes a real bad rap for how it squelches creativity, it also encourages creativity and out of the box thinking. Blogging also encourages thinking on your feet and problem solving. Also, where one can’t begin to count how much blogging has aided the overall thought processes by mere note taking and medicinal supervision in far away cultures, lands, and even planets one can’t really help “progress” from taking its course.   I can easily see how my writing and thinking skills have developed over just a few months. I suppose it was just a matter of sitting down with a pencil and paper, dusting off the old “brain wagon?” and really forcing myself to do some serious “out of the box brain storming. Be it writing about Batman’s addiction and affliction to marijuana, wana, Batpoop, and cocaine, which led to the fall of Gotham (because of his drug problem). I believe that all of this blogging should be “experimental thinking.” It shouldn’t just be a blurting out of a mess of random thoughts and ideas, there should be a direction, of course, but it is honing a skill. That skill is thinking. One must train ones’ self to think out of the box without disturbing the privacy or integrity. I am a private person and I appreciate my own privacy so I believe that others deserve similar dignity and respect. This respect requires research and the ability to research on a thorough and efficient manner. All too often, reports are either passed via the airwaves with improper or inefficient research. Personally, I don’t even believe that a report should be filed if it is grammatically incorrect or is misspelled. Why, it is like rooting around in your underwear draw, telling the world that you have pink panties and handcuffs, when it is nobody’s business. That First Amendment wasn’t written up for the hell of it. Goals? My goal is to be able to put words and ideas down on paper as clearly and more efficiently as possible. On any given day, when I sit to write a blog about a particular topic I look at the topic, shore up the topic, poke around and let the topic just sink in to the old noggin somehow, someway. I will come back to the computer and pour out my heart and soul. Yesterday, I wrote up a couple of poems. I think that it is important to have a pretty good grasp on a few different genres in order to write down another. I used to have Lincoln logs and an Erector Set. “Build it and they will come,” said Shoeless Joe. Kevin Costner didn’t really have any goals, but he knew what had to be done. When all was said and done, even Costner was thrilled beyond his wildest dreams, his Field of Dreams, of what went down. Sometimes, you just have to take something, an idea and run with it. That is why they call it “brainstorming.” Sometimes goals just get in the way. Unfortunately, sometimes lighting doesn’t strike. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh?           



  1. I whole heartedly ‘dig’ and connect on a personal level with what you have written here! Thank you for having such a honed skill. I hadn’t realized that my blog has richened my creative thinking process and opened up my mind to thinking in more depth, until I read this post.

    1. Thanx. It always feels kinda really nice to get that pat on the back, after all that is what keeps “us” going.

    2. Thanx again. I reread the “goal post” again and it was even more meaningful, for me. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

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