Daily Post: Cowardly in the County

Coward of the County

Sometimes you have to fight when you’re a man …

Remember the Kenny Roger’s song, “Coward of the County”?

“… Promise me, son, not to do the things I’ve done.Walk away from trouble if you can

So, now I know –or at least think I understand—what people were busy thinking of  about my older brother’s beard. People would remark to him, “You look like that Kenny Rogers fella.” I wish that I had the witty retort, “The Coward Of the County?” Well, that probably would have lasted all of 17 seconds, Kenny was sort of a flash in the pan, from what I recall. No, not a flash, a sparkle, a glint. Yes, sparkle. Gram loved, “That guy with the nicely trimmed beard.” Could it have been some sort of misplaced sibling rivalry on my behalf? Nah…I don’t really think she even knew my older brother that well, since she passed before the big country-pop hit was even released in the latest of the late 70s, besides, I kinda thought that she did like me better. While I was picking up my High School diploma far from where the Sun don’t shine, I mean Cape Cod? Unfortunately, private high schools of the Kennedy ilk never really understood that “walk away from trouble” way of thinking. Actually, it was more like the total opposite as Joe, I mean the husband of the Grand Old Matriarch of Newport, RI.  I think that whole country-pop tie in had its original roots with that country pop singer Taylor Swift. Gee, it is almost like they (country pop folks) are everywhere these days. What would Gram say? She would probably say something about the nice young man with the nicely trimmed beard who “walks away from trouble when he can.” And he continues to keep on dodging bullets and brawls between the French Lick Resort in Indiana and his Biloxi Christmas Special, even if they are just notches in his rhinestone belt buckle. God love him.  As for that Coward of the County crap? Well, it was nothing but a bunch of manure.


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