To fight the Shakespeare way

Daily Prompt: To Fight or Not to FIght

I’m sorry, “Daily Prompt,” that I couldn’t get to you earlier today.  It’s very late, but those assholes at work actually made me do work today.

Well, it is easily understood that sometimes one just doesn’t feel like putting up with a ALL the bologna. “Just gimme a break!” Even Jon; Even Jody. A couple of hours later, maybe, just maybe life will return normal (whatever that is). Back home and then, then Jody calls out, Jody says, “Don’t be a fart, you know tonight is her birthday. She’d be devastated if you didn’t show.” Jon tells her, “Okay, I just gotta hit the A.T.M., I’m drained, and promise me,” he adds, “It’ll only be for a while.” Jody say’s, “Great. You’ll love this pizza place; They’ve hired this band and the whole deal.” Jody chides at him, “Okay, hurry on, pop in shower so we can we can be off.” On the way out she says, “I’ll grab the present. The dog’s been fed.” All along, Jody had it all planned out like I was just one of her stooges. I was. She just didn’t know how head over heels I was. “Thank God,” he said, “I hate being the first.” Jon said, “A band?” and she said, “Well, maybe later. Go ask.” She went off to fetch a couple of Lonestars. A couple minutes later she let out this deep sigh of relief, saying, “We’d nearly given up on you all,” as she handed me a beer. Andy, Jon’s new best friend, was just starting into their second game of basket ball. Okay Jon said, double or nothin’, lookin over at Jody like a pup and he whispered, “It’ll only be a couple of secs, I’m killing.” (It was the exact opposite and Jon had already lost at least a couple of beers). After a bit, Andy said, “Jody is starting to get pissed at me, you better go on” Jon flipped down a couple of quarters for Andy as he moved on. To Fight or Not to Fight. That was the theme for the evening. Practically Shakespearean. Long ago, Jon did the smartest thing he could do. Okay, he did a couple of the smartest things he could do. Jon and Jody were Jon and Jody for 6 years now. But, he chose “Not Fight.” It wasn’t that he was a wimp or anything. But Jody: To even think about tension in that direction would only meet in…it wouldn’t be positive. Jody was only 5’4” but she could be a hell of a lot more furious than a tornado on its best day. You know what they say about “Hell Hath no Fury Like a Woman Scorned?” Multiply that times ten. But, she was also the…well, I married that little ball of hell, and I’d do it again in a second, I’m a bit biased.   To Fight or Not to Fight. Relax take it easy, where’s the fire?


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