Daily Prompt: Say Cheeese!

It’s where I wanna be. It’s that place. The zone is pretty much undefined territory; yet the zone is defined, it is a metaphysical sort of space. Just try to label it. Just try; it is like, it is like sticking your fist in a bowl full jelly, which doesn’t really sound all that appealing, in itself, but then trying to pull out each and every ball bearing in order to make some time machine work.  About 15 years ago the zone was, the zone was an undefined area where one would throw a basketball, hoping to make it through a net. Well, that isn’t quite it, zone was a way one team would prevent another from getting to the net. Sure, sometimes it resulted in pushing and shoving, sort of like hockey. In fact, hockey has its own “zone,” a je ne sais quoi defense. Sometimes, your coach might want you to switch it into “Man-on-Man,” sometimes, “zone.” Then, there are plays within plays, etc. But, I don’t mean to make this into a lesson in sport (especially when I sucked at it several decades ago). Zone!! I got it! The zone is like that booth at the circus, the one that your mom always says, “No! We’ll never be able to take care of a goldfish.” Just the same, Dad says, “It is only a couple of quarters.” He misses the first set of tosses and ends up coming away with a crappy pink teddy. Suzie, says, “I was kind of looking forward to that goldfish with the black-speckled nose, please? Please? Dad?” 6-years-old, she already knew just the right buttons. The vendor knew Jon wasn’t backing out of this one, the fish was going to be his, now it was just a matter of reeling in the old man (Jon). Suzie and Jon come walking, hand-in-hand toward Sara. Mom is part thinking, congratulations Suzie, but she is also thinking, “I thought I said no goldfish, not today.” Now, Sara had to dream up some sort of punishment for getting the fish. “I was hoping that we could go out for pizza, but now we got to take the fish home.” Sara said, looking sort of dismissively down at Suzie and back to Jon. “Got it covered!” He loved his Pizza. “We’ll go to Julio’s. They have booths where we can take,” Susie spoke up, “Mr. Haskal.” She said, “The fish has a name he is Mr. Hasakal (as though everybody should already be well-acquainted with the carassius aurratus with the black-speckled nose). Zone is kind of like Mr. Haskal the speckled goldfish who just swam about in his puny little zone-like bowl, waiting for Ms. Suzie the Great One to toss him a smidgeon of fish food. “Remember,” said Jon, “Don’t over feed him.” (He knew the fish wouldn’t last but 2 seconds). In fact, Jon was already scouting out a burial ground; the toilet route seemed so, so hackneyed. All the while, Mr. Haskal looked like he was getting pretty itchy. Sara loved the little bugger, too. She told Suzie that maybe it’d best if she kept Mr. Haskal “Down here.” So, the damn fish got to share our dinner area with us. Suzie looked up, looked to her mom and asked, Mom, can we get a bigger home for Mr. Haskal? Silence. Sara said, “Honey.” Jon was more than wise on this won. Steer clear, way clear. A little while later Sara kind of submissively crawled up to Jon, pried the remote from his hands. “You look zonked,” she said. “Totally zoned out.” She said, remember that talk about Mr. Haskal? Well, Suzie…Jon said…”no, you…” Sara said, “She really did put up a great fight.” Fighting for fish? Sounds like a bad comedy, no, worse. “Well, we got a fish now.” He said, “We got a bunch of fish.” Can I at least have a say in the name? We’ll call it: “The Fish Zone.” Sara said, sounds good to me and went dancing into Suzie’s room! Great! Daddy’s onboard! All Aboard! The Fish Zone! A couple of days later, we went down to the Pets R Us to pick up a fish tank deal. By now, Susie had pretty much lost interest in Mr. Haskal and nearly all attention was focused on the new, improved Mr. Haskal, and what was going to be the “Fish Zone.” Actually, it was pretty cool, the SCUBA guy and all, There were these little gold coins. But still, it was just a little tank. This was for Sara. We got it all set up, then family photo time (one for the ages), the three of us posed in front of a tri pod and said:

Say,  “CHEEESSE.”           


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  1. thank you. i appreciate your really comment! food for the soul!.

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