6/15/13- Daily Prompt: Private island

6/15/13- Daily Prompt

Write about an island…

No doubt that there are different on top of different on top of different creative writing challenges. I am an island; “every person” is an island is probably one of the more hackneyed of the bunch, but it is true. In 1994, however, I went to “my own” island. It was surely my private island, if only for a little while. There were others, even other Americans. I have one or two pictures from that time and place, but I really don’t want them. I would much rather close my eyes and recall my private island. Photos are all good, but when it all comes down to it, they are just photos. Memories are memories and can never be replicated, whether there of you and your best buds zipping around and finding yourselves making private island memories that will last a lifetime. My private island memories are recurring private island memories. Actually, they are sorta like three-D private island memories. Hmm, maybe I should patent that and market that idea before somebody else does. (Well, I suppose it can wait till after this posting), besides, I’ll have to Google it to see if somebody hasn’t already created the 3-D private island memory thingy. But, I can see it now! I can see it in Neon lights: “3-D Island Memories”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Why not?  It worked for F. Scot Fitzgerald, why not me and my island? My island and my memories for me and many of my friends have kept on for years and years in all kinds of places all over the world. But, even if the memories took place in my own backyard my private island is my island. It just so happens to be on a hammock in Thailand. That is a private island that I have returned to at least a couple of times. Koh Pi Pi, Thailand. My…my…me, swoons when I remember it. Woe is me! I usually meet up with friends in Tokyo and head on toward Bangkok, then train it, or take a plane to the island. No reservations, nothing. Just cross fingers and hope that there is a place to rest one’s head and backpack. If there isn’t a place, well that sucks, but just move on over to the next place. If there isn’t a place, that is also sorta neat, memories of a different sort. It is all part of the relaxed and laid back state that you have to get accustomed to before heading back to…hell, why head back? I mean, you have a private island you have a hammock, you have the makings for some good memories. I have a camera. I think I took a couple of pictures for the folks back home, but I, I think I’ll plan on doing that 3-D thingy that’d make anybody dizzy; that 3-D deal. Islands, for some reason I like islands. I like islands because they complete me. It all sounds corny and shallow; unfortunately, it is all too real. Forget the 3-D marketing deal; I am sure Leo DiCaprio would understand.      


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