Daily Prompt: Fear for two please.

Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry. Hang on for the ride. Just deal, you have a long wait. Fear is really pretty healthy and if you don’t feel it, well, that is unhealthy. It is the reaction to that fear and stress and what churns inside that is the kicker. But, you probably didn’t need to hear that from some guy stuck inside your computer to know that; especially when you could have paid some psycho therapist a mint to tell you the same thing and give you a lollipop, too!  Venting and, plain old venting. In Jefferson County, Colorado in the Spring of 1999. A couple of senior students “vented” their way into the history books killing and maiming unsuspecting kids and adults from this small town with some heavy duty venting. Unfortunately, there is a recurring pattern. And, I am not just venting about venting. But, humans turn against humans, man against man. It is nothing new. I don’t mean to sound cavalier, or even slightly condone or even try to rationalize any or all behaviors, especially when I looked down at my shoes this morning and found that the righ was where the left should be (and vice versa); I can’t, I won’t. I can however, understand, that the kids in Colorado were pissed off at somebody. They had probably been pissed for a good long time. They were venting. These humans were taking out their own fears and apprehensions on others. Other people were being punished for what these people did or did not do. The long and the short of it was that these and many other events throughout history, in epoch proportions, have hurt bystanders, directly and indirectly. Sandy Hook elementary in 1927, Bath, Michigan and Oklahoma and Newtown, Connecticut, but the common denominator is that they were man on man. The long and the short of it is that this unhealthy venting that manifested itself in a school shooting in 1999. It’d be more than just a little nice if some psychologist could come along, wave his little wand or big one (whatever “payment” he or she could possibly want), so we humans can rest peacefully, in our cocoons, without fear. That’s all fine and good until some nut job decides to make his way across New York’s Grand Central Station without screaming “Allah Akbar!” as he runs in to the mens room, or something. A prank like that? Well, that would get you 10-20 these days. Maybe it would only be 10-20 minutes in the hot tub of your choosing with some tattooed organist, well, you never know.   


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