Writing: Seven days to get writing again

Seven days to get writing again

Do you wish you wrote more regularly? Perhaps you do write regularly, most of the time, but have fallen a little out of that groove. Probably you have many other things to do, and by the time they’re all taken care of, you have little energy left to hunch over a page or screen.

More regularly? My first thought, excuse me, but I thought bran muffins, corn on the cob and “regular checkups” with Dr. Dobson. My next thought, “Gee, regular vs. irregular.” You know the old saying, “Sometimes more is less.” But, in this case, I think I would prefer less to more, given the choice. Then I read on further. This was one of those writing exercises. A writing exercise where and possibly when several combinations of letters that have hopefully been creatively strung together and actually mean something. Writing on a regular basis is probably; no, not probably, definitely more healthy for you than, than not writing. Practice, practice, practice, practice. Get those creative juices flowing! The whole object is to write not just some of the time but all of the time. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit on the toilet and write or write while you feed the dog, even though the descriptive energies following or prior to either of these activities would likely be very creative topics. That is pretty much up to you. But can you imagine? Well, I will stay away from the potty talk, but the dog feeding. Just imagine that you were chatting on your cell, though we have all been told at least once or thrice one shouldn’t text/talk while feeding the dog.  While texting, one is doling out the dog food into its bowl, all from rote, of course. Suddenly, BAM, you, run into the plate glass window that your maid, Francesca, had just wiped clean earlier that day. The kids, they were sitting there just watching as you nonchalantly walked through the glass door. Fortunately, there were only minor scrapes and cuts. However, the dog food was pretty much done for; glass all in there. I felt that I would be able to deal and pick up some extra dog food. But, first things first. It was movie night! Every Thursday evening we would have a different movie. This week we were to be watching some Romantic Comedy…yes, I know. Well, I had a back up and plenty of pop corn. By the way, pop corn like corn on the cob and bran muffins will surely keep you regular, at least that is what Dr. Dobson told me.  


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