Daily Post: Romeo and Juliet

I am not a romantic.

Kids not old enough to vote. Romeo & Juliet:

Scene 1– Take 1: “Oh Romeo, my Romeo!” cries out Juliet

“Cut, cut, cut”…says the director, “More drama…more drama, we need more drama.  And,try it with passion: Now, roll”–and the girl says:  “Romeo, my Romeo!”

“Yes, Yes,” says the director.


into da future

…gurl stops meking out n asks boi to get potartz.
…he dus.
…den gurl teks deep breff. den gurl sais “bf i am pregnent will u stay ma bf” n he seys “no”.
…gurl iz hertbrokn. <////3
…gurl cried n runz awaii from boi wiffout eatin poptart n she has low blood suga so she fols.
…boi runs ova 2 her.
…she ded </333333333
…boi crie “i sed i no b ur bf…cuz i wona b ur husband!”
…he screems n frows poptart @ wol….a bootiful diomand ring wus insyd.
…*** LIK DIS IF U CRY EVERTIM*** #WhyIsLifeSoCruel



(Like this! It is poignant!, it is humanity!, it is youth!)

Off in the distance: American, U.S. politicians throw words at one another clearly (but, not cleverly). They scream and holler with sharp precision that aims for the juggler and aims to kill.

Hi! Vote For Me! Posters, billboards line the streets: Bob Jowl for Congress of the States. Congress? (Or, you can vote for his opponent The incumbent Ned Rare; New vs. Old!They are pretty much the same. Ass backwards.) Now, I understand. We actually have a choice.  For the first, no, I take that back, for the third time I have had this choice. You see, these latest congressional elections, the last three have pretty much… the last one is the only election that I have understood half of what the issues are all about. I mean, these past few are the ones that have sort of interested me in not being interested, if that makes a bit of sense. However, that is what has driven me the most to get out there and vote, whether it is for Billy Jowl, or his evil twin. I try not to flick on the TV or radio anytime before work, after all it might just end up swaying me. I figured that it was safe, however, to zip into the kitchen and grab a cup of Joe before heading out. Low and behold, Bob Jowl also thought he’d take a stab at polluting the airwaves. I couldn’t understand a thing he said, but he did say something like: “and my opponent…” I could have sworn he said something about how small his wiener was, but I probably misheard, misunderstood him, after all, why would Billy Jowl or, Mr. Bob or whatever his name was be talking about German sausages when he should be hard; when he should be hard, hard at work running the Congress of these United States. The ugly thing about it all is that men and women throughout time, in the US and abroad have fought dearly for the rights that these politicians take so lightly, so cavalierly. Just the same, vote! It is only too bad that many make their decisions based on who is the lesser of the evils. Just negative campaigning. I can’t wait till it is over.

Rear End vs. Blow Job candidate for the Senate and Congress.

Okay, maybe a little on the romantic side.


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