Daily Prompt: One ringy dingy, Two ringy dingy

Jean-Jacques Russeau lived on years after his own death and is interred in the Panthéon of Paris. Also in the Panthéon, a gent by the name of François-Marie Arouet,  more commonly known by his nom de plumeVoltaire,” are just a couple of philosophes who one won’t, or shouldn’t snub their noses at. Personally, I might make camp at the café that just sits directly, catty corner across the way from the Holy dome. “All for one, one for all!” Is there in etched by Alexandre Dumas, author of the “Three Musketeers.” I am also pretty enthralled with Voltaire because of his indirect relationship to Catherine the Great and how the great European thinker impacted the throne, Russian Romanticism and history.  The magic of three has transcended across Soviet political triumvirate, cultural/religious beliefs of the Father Son and Holy Ghost, romantic troikas and comic boundaries of the 3-Stooges. Without a shadow of a thought, without a doubt, the Panthéon speaks. Le Voltaire in Latin, speaks. Translated directly and indirectly it is “Le Voltaire,” means “the Young.” Centuries later, the Age of Enlightenment might not appear to have been quite as “enlightening” as it really was, but even the most discriminating mind can’t deny the tremendous achievements that this period had on so few and so many.  The Panthéon of Paris. The idea of a trip though history is enough to rattle any cage. Then, there is the Pieta. The attempted destruction of the Pieta. Religious or not, the Pieta means much more. Judaism, Islam, Buddhists, Hindu, Wiccan or Paganism. Thank God that the monument escaped only with minor scrapes and bruises. The crazed Toth (the convicted madman), serves out his sentence. What speaks? Buonarroti speaks, Arouet and the Panthéon speak. The “Nyuuuk, nyuuuk, nyuuuk” of the 3-Stooges, as does Stalin’s Iron gavel. It all rings from Europe to Asia and back. What speaks to me? Well, I am kinda partial to that Philly bell (right now, my stomach is calling out for a Philly Cheese Steak). And, I did like that Tolstoy book, Anna …something or another. I don’t really have a whole lot to complain about. I get 3 meals a day, again that magic 3! There are the 3 blind mice. The 3 bears. I could probably go on all day.  So long as there is that comfort of knowing there is the knowledge of logical though and reasoning in the air, I am good to go. I guess the answer to that question: “What speaks to you? Well, that lies in how clearly you listen to the answer. I don’t mean to sound too poetic, or romantic but it’s there and always been for a few skillion years. It isn’t going anywhere too fast.


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