Daily Prompt: Happy 4th

Pinpoint a road less traveled, a moment in time, a part of my adventure.

Pinpoint it. Pinpoint them. The roads, the paths that have be less traveled. No. These paths have not been less traveled because they have been traveled again and again; some worn. The paths have been traveled on repeatedly and worn to a nub. The roads less traveled have been more traveled. At times these bridges and paths have been circumspect in that they might read “Don’t Tread on Me.” Maybe, a branch bounces up on a path only to say, “Get the hell out of here!” The branch, throws me from my bike only to convince me that maybe I should jump back up on my bike so as to let Mother Nature know that she has won the Battle, but not the War. The thwack she dealt a good one that will cost me. It will also add a scar or two on the ol’  noggin’. However, it is a my metaphorical loss, just something to stick into the record books. But, I will “cherish” the memory any which way I earned it.  I plow over the hills and dales yet reap few real rewards, other than experience, maybe I am a little the wiser. However, it is “maturity” that comes with the recognition of my immaturity. I have no other choice but to pick myself up and brush myself off. Experience; There is no shame in bowing to Mother Nature. In fact, it is an honor. It is not caving, but devoting to Her. The road less traveled is left when you should go, are told, right. The road less traveled is peanut butter crunch ice cream when it moose tracks; or chocolate chip is recommended. Switch it up! Enjoy the fireworks on the 4th of July! Go Wild! Have a Beer when somebody asks, “What wine would you like with your burger?”  Happy Independence Day!     


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