7/7/13- Daily Prompt: Changes

7/7/13- Daily Prompt

So it has come to this…

Shame, shame, shame. You naughty, naughty, naughty girl. I warned you, didn’t I? I told you that you shouldn’t go into the pond. At least that pond any time this month. The authorities, let alone the dirty old men, are looking for girls just like you. The dirty ol’ men, well, I tell you, you are lucky that the police…well, the lifeguards found you first. A few nights in the slammer, that surely beats a lifetime of being the slammee at best.

I warned you, didn’t I? Unfortunately, it has come to this. When I was a little girl growing up on the lake; that same lake we used to swing out on a rope swing just over there, over where the old tree is. Well, it wasn’t such an old tree, but you figure I am only 52 and that was when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. Okay, maybe 5th, but that isn’t the point. It is a shame that the cops have to go around patrolling the whole area because some pervert feels that he has to go…oh, it just makes me nauseas…that some guy, some animal has to spoil everything for everyone. It isn’t so much spoiling this moment in time, which is bad in and of its self, but it is steeling, squeezing the goodness of life. Are our children supposed to grow up in fear? No, less than fear. Will they ever be able to go out and play tag, jump off a rope swing without them or their parents worrying if there will be some horny S.O.B. at the other end ready and waiting to catch them? I mean surely I know that I will be there for my daughter. See? It is ingrained into my psyche! I can’t go far without worrying that my baby…I can’t even let my kids go on down to the lake without having to worry. I tried to let them go on down a week or so ago with some friends…I drove along just to see that they were safe…no, I thought, a college kid (female, just the same, came up to them and said something) maybe it was totally innocent, but that was my baby. Now! Now, there are warnings that the girls not go near the lake. I don’t want to have to “punish” my girl, but I don’t want…I don’t want some pervert to. So, it has come to this…Changes! There have been changes and changes and changes. There have to be changes, I know. However, I don’t have to like them!

So, it has come to this…                 


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