Mind the Gap, ’cause I don’t

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap. It is that repeated ethereal blog where SuperHeroes, primarily cartoon characters and masked marauders, and other dudes who tend to dress up in tights, are afforded the grand opportunity to relive their pasts, both good and bad. I don’t understand why, how, humans should think that he or she should or could deserve to have it any better than SuperHeroes. In fact, I would argue that humans would be treated differently for the sole reason that he or she is, well, “less relevant.” If it made the little monsters feel better, I would gladly take a person on a spin around the planet a couple of times or, well, maybe not that much. Once would be more than enough. I don’t know what the little person would possibly want. Maybe, a lifetime supply of air? Damn, I haven’t a clue. It is like picking out a birthday present. Gee, I always forget, time after time, the Gap. Mind the Gap. All throughout school, from elementary, I had this fabulous set of teeth, a great smile. Mom and Dad and everyone commented about my mile wide smile, my bright red hair. In Junior High School, I was just on my way home from basketball, I was skate boarding, I had a blue back pack and bam! Face forward. The other kid, well he got away without a darned scratch. Me, I was lucky that I came out with just two of ‘em missing. There were a few other scratches and bruises, but I won’t get into all that in polite company and all. Since then, I have always sort of given my Mom first say when it came to my teeth. She has really had to put up with a bunch of my nonsense and I haven’t done enough to deserve all those tears that I couldn’t help hearing from the other room. In the long run, it wasn’t really that bad. I just had to eat though a straw for a real, real long time. The ice cream? I still love it all; especially the fudge. I don’t think I will ever get enough of those fudge Sundaes. Despite the circumstances, I can remember it all. Well, not all of it. The doctors and dentists did a pretty good job of putting me under. Anaesthia. I guess they have to take particular care when their patient is just a kid. Law suits, mal practice and all. In fact, I learned a lot about all that kind of stuff while I was in there. Most of all, I learned that even more than hot fudge I loved milk shakes. My favorites were chocolate milkshakes! No, I take that back. I loved banana splits, even though I have had only a few of those in my entire life. To this day; I can whistle Dixie threw that Gap. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure I’ll never like the gap. I simply don’t Mind the Gap. I’ve had to put up with it in the best and worst times. I must admit, I am pretty good at Dixie. I don’t mind the gap, there is no other way. I guess, since that brush with death that October day on the skate board I have sort of had a new appreciation for the Gap, the divisive and decisive Gap that spared me in October, 1973.                   


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