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Weekly Prompt. Let it fly and be flung

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Daily Prompt: The case of the perfect tan

 8/26/13- Daily Prompt: Ditching school with your friends to go to the beach with your mother’s car you come back after a glorious morning of perfecting your tan to find it gone… It was a Daily Prompt. I feared the worst! On August 27, 2013 I sat to write a blog and wasn’t quite sure […]

Daily Post: Nut Shell

Mark Coulbourn Rockport, MA 01966 Tel: (978) 546-2078 Email: <><>     Born in the US in the early 60s, I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, make more than a few mistakes, zip around and repeat the same mistakes. All the while, I have come to really appreciate books, reading and writing, […]

Daily Prompts: Writing my wrongs

Writing my wrongs. Abstraction. It was truly a one off. I guess it should have been considered as nothing more than “bothersome.” If I let it be more than that, it might become part of me. I should not, I should not have let it, become more than a simple abstraction, yet it evolved and […]

Daily Prompt: The Panda

8/24/13- Daily Prompt: The Panda Write about the morning after… I know that you all are thinking that I am going to write up some little ditty about the morning after…the morning after I had sex with the little trollop who is a prostitute by all accounts, the little “lady,” who isn’t a lady at […]

Daily Prompt: Hagia Sophia

7/17/13-Daily Prompt While in Istanbul touring the Hagia Sophia church and the Imperial Gate, you slip away to the loo and accidentally shatter an ancient mirror to reveal. Mirroring Istanbul, Turkey, Hagia Sophia. More surprised than anything else you and the sort of half-baked tour that you went on you really had to use the […]

Daily Prompt: Meaningless

Believing in the premise the earth will not be able to sustain itself due to the out of control population explosion the UN has created an army of aryan like robotic assassins to eliminate anyone not anyone in the approved educational caste system… Aryans…What would I do? Population explosion? What could I do? I would […]

Creative Writing: The lovely oyster, the Pearl

Saturday morning. We were all getting ready for the big event. My little sister; her hubby, all the kids, who were no longer little (even the “littlest” was 6’5 and 210 lbs.: mostly muscle). My older brother, who was about ¾” inch shorter than myself, was there with his wife and kids. He beat me […]

Daily Prompt: Star crossed love of a shoe.

Star crossed love of a shoe. It all sounds rather silly that my wardrobe, my shoes in this case, have “love”, they have feelings whatsoever. Well, I was ignorant of these sentiments until, when…I believe it was last Thursday, no, it must have been Wednesday in coat zone; Wednesday, Eastern Coat Zone (aka ECZ).  Oh […]

Daily Prompt: Mythological mirror

Mirror, mirror…how and why do these damn cookies fall? I guess Mirrors are sort of like Oracles, yes? I am lucky that I am not wearing one of those mood rings. If I were, if I were wearing one of those mood rings maybe my head would pop off. Wait! That would have to mean […]