Honey Booboo’s Mom sez: “Red neck og nize this tat?”

It is tough. I went down to GA and I saw a life I loved. That life was truly idyllic in a skilliion ways. But, it also had a million drawbacks. That life was not with the woman I loved. That would have been settling. Michelle is really lovable and it really is a heavenly kind of life. I guess; I guess I just answered my own question. I want to love it. I want to have something. I want to have something now. But, if I rush it; it will be like Jiffy Pop. If I rush it it will come out less than desirable. Jiffy Pop is good and all, but it isn’t for me. Jiffy Pop usually comes out all charred, burned and scarred from too much oil, the heat; the heat and grease kinda make it all gunky. I mean you gotta drain it and separate the corn from the chafe. Of course, it is good eating; or relatively good. I prefer that Orville Reddinbacher’s stuff. Where was I…oh, settling. I don’t want to settle. Michelle is a real nice girl and all, but I don’t want just a real nice girl. I want a really, really nice girl who will make my heart go pitter-patter. I will surely make her heart go pitter-patter, too. And if I didn’t do that to Michelle; If I didn’t do that for Michelle, that is the breaks. She would have known it if I did. She said, I overheard her say, “He is nice.” She said, “The animals like him a lot.” Well, that doesn’t work. Unfortunately, that doesn’t fly. Oh, it surely isn’t her, it isn’t the fault of the animals and it isn’t my fault. It just wasn’t “there.” Fireworks didn’t fly. We are simply birds of a different feather. I guess, it is better to find out now than to find out after we get his and her matching tattoos. It isn’t a sex thing. It isn’t one of those things that could be remedied by a good fuck. If it were, I would be off humping Michelle like a horn dog. I have a feeling that she would put up with that. She might do so reluctantly, but she wants this to work. I don’t know what went on in her past. She surely doesn’t want to repeat that. From what I gather, something in the 90s; a first marriage; Suggesting that there was, at least a second marriage. This; however, is based on pure conjecture. That is certainly a pretty big thing to be “conjecturing” about. Just the same, I don’t think that I want to go jumping into a mess like that; because it certainly would be one hell of a mess, no two ways about it. Talk of his and her tats? That would be like nailing your butt on a cross and letting some half-witted redneck play pin the tail on the donkey with a tattoo gun on your heiney.          


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