Daily Prompt: Rocky is a goose.

I was jealous of her; for a while. I was jealous of her until I stood back and looked at what she had. She had very little; or nearly nothing to brag about. I don’t really mean “brag” about, not to boast about. But, she simply had little that she could call her own. The only real thing, well, it is something to boast about in itself, but a few dogs, cats, ducks, geese and maybe some chickens. She had an intense passion for animals. That is good and bad, her passion. She had a bit of heaven in her world. She called it “heaven,” her slice of heaven. Each night we’d retreat from the main house  to the lower, to the more secluded house. Practically by rote, etched in her brain: “Take off your shoes here, no, here. You had better step here, but not here where I will be sleeping!” One had to defer to her; it was nearly all she had. She had her dogs. She just called, “When, you coming down? When you coming back down to Heaven?” She said, “I’m in Heaven now. ‘Rocky’ (the Goose), said, when you comin’ back? Rocky said, you gonna come down to swim?” I answered, “No Heaven here.” She said, “I’ll cook you something real special.” I feel bad for her. She, no doubt, has a lot going on for her. I wish she would realize that. I wish she would see that she is young and I would love to help her work stuff out for the both of us. She is caught up a little too much by material stuff. She says that she isn’t, but, but that isn’t the case. She called recently, just asked for $31.25 and a phone card.


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