DP challenge: Live it up

Story telling. It is an outlet. I am a male in the second chapter of my life and probably won’t be existing into my 100s, unless medicine discovers some way to prolong life for some ridiculous and pointless reason. I doubt I will be spared. By that time, I probably won’t want to be spared. I can imagine it now, I’ll have droopy tits, balls that hang down to my ankles. I will probably be looking for that next and last silver bullet to come whisking my way. I figure that I’m already living on borrowed time as it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not gonna pull the trigger on myself. Committing suicide would be really unfair to those left behind. No, it wouldn’t be right.  I wouldn’t be terribly averse to living to that final minute, squeezing that last bit of juice from the ol’ blender, seeing if the ol’ double prop aero plane can really go! I’m not that much of a dare devil, but I am an adventurer of sorts. And, I wouldn’t mind hot air ballooning over the Gran Canyon, a  little SCUBA diving off of Belize? It’s a pinch, but with a good Medical Insurance plan and a pretty up and up, a positive outlook Jeanie and I are managing to get it done. Now, if I can only scribble some of this stuff down on paper and get it to some publisher. It wouldn’t be half bad if I could turn this over and get a few bucks for it. Of course, that isn’t the prime objective, is it? Well, I am taking my laptop just the same. You never know. However, I kinda have a feeling that it might get a little “nippy” in both cases, chilly or dancing with the dolphins (or barracudas). Aw hell, I guess I should just throw caution to the wind! I guess, I guess, even if you are around 100 there is no real shame in taking a bit of caution. I have heard that those teeth, the barracuda teeth, really hurt. I don’t know it for a fact, but that is one thing I will trust. I don’t need to go checking out if a barracuda has sharp teeth or not. I will stick with, well, the Grand Canyon sounds sufficient. Those balloons. Those balloons sure are pretty. We did somewhere around 20 miles that day? And, of course, there was the ritual slurping of champagne after the run, the flight, whatever you call it. I guess the ballooning wasn’t the most daring thing I, we ever did, we could have done, but it was a blast being up there with friends. The girls sure loved it and there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll be going up for another trip, if they have their say (so that means we’ll be up, up and away in some beautiful balloon). I tell you, I am looking to do some Mountain biking and horse riding, probably out in Colorado. I bet we’ll get at least a little riding done in the canyons. Gee, I got it all mapped out. Unfortunately, that is one of the things that story telling is all about. However, it is a nice day out today. Oh, I almost forgot that I have to go oil my bike chain before I head up the road a piece. My Mountain bike has sort of been acting up lately and I don’t need it crapping out on me again. I have to carry a few things up and dropping them could be a bummer.             


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