8/7/13 Daily Prompt: The Awakening.

8/7/13 Daily Prompt:. The Awakening.

Who in the  &%$# is granting this? Who has the right to stir somebody from their slumber? I think it is a tad bit presumptuous to go around thinking that he/she or anybody can /would or could go screwing with some other person’s life, or death for this matter? If you ask m, the whole damn thing is screwy and it would better be left alone. Didn’t the Greek gods deal with all of that stuff and Penelope said that she wouldn’t go touching it with a Trojan War, or was it warrior. Th Oracle, too, said that Ithaca was pretty much done, kaput and the Sirens weren’t gonna pussy foot around with all that garbage. No, it wouldn’t be doing any body any real favors to bring them back from the dead. However, it would be kind of nice to see dear old gram again. Besides; gram left without saying , “Good bye.”


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