Daily Prompt: Fantasy!

That is great! But, I suppose you will next be asking what my fantasy is. That is a little too personal. And, as Jack Nicholson once said, “Truth! You can’t handle the truth!” Jack wasn’t talking about my fantasy in the Tom Cruise flight flic, which was required viewing for all good boys and girls in order to graduate college in the 80s, even if they weren’t at the head of their class. Rene Rousseau. She would probably have to be up there on the Top Ten, no pun intended (Top Gun). I mean, she’d have to rank if she is still admire more than admired some 30 years later—or is it just me. Am I the only one? (But I don’t have a blow-up doll of her. I never had a blow-up doll of Rene and I don’t think my wife would like me having a Rene doll anywhere in the house, especially where the kids might stumble over it). However, there is just something about chics in flics, especially those smart babes who aren’t afraid to put you in your place. Fantasy flics, fantasy football, or fantasy favs; they all are there pretty much for a purpose. (I am really grasping at straws here). They, fantasies, serve the greater good, believe it or not! I guess it is hard to believe how some guy barking into a blow-up doll of Rene Rousseau could be a fantasy fav, even though you gotta admit that riding of into the horizon under a motorcycle, wearing a helmet and sufficient safety gear (as if a leather jacket would protect her and Tommy boy, as they zipped off at 10,000 miles an hour—under a Suzuki no less!).  If fantasy favs came to fruition? For even one day? What pandemonium. What next? Cats would be barking at dogs, dogs meowing like cats! Hibernate; hibernate I would. Maybe I would have to go out and buy some double barrel bazooka to fend off the zombies once they rolled into town, but, but my Dad always taught me that a good boy scout is, well, I forgot. But, “Be prepared” is the motto of the Boy Scouts of America—there is no fantasy or fiction about that. Perhaps, a good bomb shelter would do the trick. I bet that zombies would somehow find a way to get in, but they aren’t real heavy in the. I mean they aren’t packing a full load. Zombies are believed to be pretty stupid. Besides, if you can trick them (the zombies) into getting wrapped up in direct sunlight, they will melt or something like that—sort of like vampires or werewolves, or is that just vampires. I really should get all of this straight if I am gonna be an authority! But, fantasy stuff coming to life? The horror. It would also be such a shame because there could be so many other fine and decent things to be considered horrific.    


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