Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

We blog for a million different reasons, but in the end, we’re all storytellers. Creative Writing Challenges are here to help you push your writing boundaries and explore new ideas, subjects, and writing styles.

Fit. I try to keep fit, both, physically and mentally. For the past while or so I have been exercising the hell out of my noggin by writing stuff, stuff and more. I sort of think it is stretching it when I push to write about stuff I don’t even have a clue about. But, even over the past weeks, I have found that this practice has either shaken out cobwebs of my writing youth or is a case of beginner’s luck (even though I am a little more than a beginner?). The joys of google! Hell, all that is really just a bunch of BS. But, I would not even hint that google and the whole social media thingy is an evil.  I wouldn’t dare dis google or Wikipedia for the tons of research ideas and answers they provide regularly for us faux writers. Lately, I have really been fit more to be tied, but at the same time words have been pouring out of me, I practically have blisters on my fingertips from all the typing, and my entire circadian rhythm has been thrown off kilter. The middle of the day and I am dozing off, looking forward to nightfall when I can set my head on my pillow and snooze away and hopefully begin to repair that messed up sleeplessness. I just hope that I don’t get any bright creative writing ideas between now and then, well at least any that will keep me up for hours upon hours. I can deal with the “challenges” that aren’t really so challenging at all. Those where I can spit out a few irreverent, meaningless words and get some zzzzz. I suppose that doesn’t really make the reader feel all that special. It might make the reader just want to skip over this drivel and onto the next blog. Don’t take this personally, I mean the fact that this might be meaningless drivel and all. It doesn’t reflect on your character, well, not a whole lot. You see, the whole reason for this fit less ness to start with is that I have taken to this internet, online dating that my siblings recommended. I told them, that it really didn’t seem like it would be for me. That was a couple of months ago and they finally talked me into giving it a shot. I figured that I would sign up for one of those minimum plans and after 6 months or so I’d be a free man and able to say “been there, done that.” In a few months, when the dating thing expires, the service will probably end up talking me into signing up for another couple of months, after all that is how they work, eh? Hopefully, I will have discovered some not so young lady to run off into the sunset with. Fit to write. I certainly hope that I will be able to shake this circadian turmoil, slump that I seem to have crept into or rather the slump that I am wallowing in.             



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  2. Thank you for recognizing my efforts. It is always nice to see that you “might” be appreciated somewhere.

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