Daily Prompt: Mythological mirror

Mirror, mirror…how and why do these damn cookies fall? I guess Mirrors are sort of like Oracles, yes? I am lucky that I am not wearing one of those mood rings. If I were, if I were wearing one of those mood rings maybe my head would pop off. Wait! That would have to mean that all the blood flow is routed between my heart and my ring finger or wherever I use my damn in the first place. But, since that point is sort of mute and the whole mood ring thingy is still up in the air (Or where ever my ring has managed to work its way into lately). May be that is my problem and I am just kinda thinking over everything a little too much. Maybe I should just take a little vacation from thinking. So, what do you have to say about that Mr. Mirror, or do you go by Mr. Wall these days? Oops. There I go thinking again. For now on, or at least for the next few days (as if I ever was a fountain of knowledge I mean to say, is that I am and was a relatively bright guy but, but but…and the Oracle says! Go to Athens, pick up a few helpful hints from Aristotle, who was born there, pass go, collect $200 American, and go directly to jail! Well, it isn’t so direct since you gotta go way out of your way to Athens and fight off the Sirens and the temptations of the Aegeon Sea. Damn I hate those Sirens! Those Greek gods and goddesses really had it down when it came to punishing lost souls. The kicker was that they managed to get people to like putting themselves through all the damn pain. It was kinda like taking Modern Mr. Mirror for a walk down memory lane. Gee, I can already feel the mood sort of lightening up. However, you can bet that I won’t be going on any spending spree and trying on costume jewelry. I might accidentally slip into some mood ring or something of the sort. No doubt, that would be a travesty and I do not think I’d be able to worm my way out of that one quite so easily.            


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