Daily Prompt: Meaningless

Believing in the premise the earth will not be able to sustain itself due to the out of control population explosion the UN has created an army of aryan like robotic assassins to eliminate anyone not anyone in the approved educational caste system…

Aryans…What would I do? Population explosion? What could I do? I would probably say, “Damned Aryans!; “Damned robots!” more than once. I wouldn’t care if it was grammatically correct, because I; I just wouldn’t give a damn. I would be sort of pissed. But, the whole universe had been shaping up this way, anyhow. It was just happening a little faster than expected. In fact, I was sort of fortunate to be a part of it. Surely, I would have thought that Hitler was behind it all. Gee, he might even still be alive and well for all I knew, like the grand old wizard of Oz…but that would be total conjecture. What could I do about it all now? Even if I did point out this “possible” error I would soon be labeled a nut, a cookoo bird. As for the “stuff” that I would either do or get, actions I might take. I would likely learn to fend for myself, this would be assuming the worst. I would likely get my bucks and head on over to a place, not only where the dollar and cost of living is best. But, it is a part of the world that I appreciate most. Granted, I take medications that would surely not be available in any of these situations, but what the hell. It could be worse. I don’t know how, but it could be. In fact, ( when I think of it) it couldn’t be worse for me. But, I suppose that before I go doing anything rash, I would make a few phone calls to see if this population explosion/UN thing was really true. I might do a little more “research” into it and the caste system stuff to see where it was headed and what had been affected.  Should I go out and get a sail boat? Well, it might be good for me to learn how to sail. Maybe, I could go in on one with my family and his family. After all, my brother does a little sailing and he might want to sail of into the sunset. But, maybe I would prefer to head up some mountain and wish for the best. Maybe, I could talk some other person or people into doing something similar? No, that would pretty mush defeat the purpose of the whole thing. I guess I would have to stick with the “Damn.” I would probably go shake out my backpack and take a good hard look at everything that I had and would need for an extra-long vacation. Fortunately, I have a lot of tools that I would need for the rest of my life. I feel terrible for my brother because he has lots of tools but he doesn’t have the slightest idea how to use them. Maybe; between him and his wife, they will be able to figure out how to use the tools. I suppose that since I was not able to make it over to places in Asia, where I had originally wanted to go, I would be relegated to places right here in the Americas, probably in Central America. Of course, political boundaries would be nothing but a memory. Passports, ha. The UN had managed screw things up once again. It was still kind of new to many people; they didn’t quite understand that this change was forever. At least it was until some “higher power” told us what to do next. “We the People” were not we the people at all. “We the People” were the people of the higher power. This wasn’t frustrating; this was exhausting, defeating, and meaningless.


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