Daily Prompt: The case of the perfect tan

 8/26/13- Daily Prompt:

Ditching school with your friends to go to the beach with your mother’s car you come back after a glorious morning of perfecting your tan to find it gone…

It was a Daily Prompt. I feared the worst! On August 27, 2013 I sat to write a blog and wasn’t quite sure if I would be able to finish it in time for the big unveiling, the unveiling at the library, later on in the afternoon. This all happened as a Junior, and it turned out to be sorta okay. I mean, I did sorta get busted, at least for one of the occasions, the assistant principal never did find out about the other three times. I am a good student, really, and the girls; the girls I cut class with; my best friends were all pretty mush model students, too. Actually, 3 of the 4 of us were commended for community work across the state. Needless to say, our parents were relatively thrilled to see our names in the Tribune. I suppose that it was just as much, if not more, of a letdown to see that we let ourselves get busted, cut class. I suppose …no I can’t really suppose anything. I guess it was all just pure stupidity, innocence? Other kids, we heard about it left and right, were skipping classes here and there all the time. The goody goodies? We get caught right out of the blocks. Our moms get called in and…the embarrassment. But, let met catch you up on the first part of the story which is actually sort of funny, if you look at it. Well, it is sort of funny, nobody got hurt or anything, but we decided that we would go on a road trip to New Jersey. I guess we kinda felt impervious, we thought that rules didn’t really apply. Well, we found out different! In fact, we were sorta like role models and kids were looking at us, “scrutinizing” us. It was only for that few days. We went up, we weren’t really missed (or so we thought).  We’d planned on just going up for a half a day. It was a fabulous morning. Jenn was in charge of the SPF 70; she practically brought a boatload, Cindy, submarine sandwiches. She got some roast beef, meatball and Italian. I made sure that we had towels and some decent music. They all, usually, brought the worst. In short, I was sort of the co-coordinator. It sorta felt good to be the boss, especially since I was the youngest and all. But, it also meant that I drove. I was in charge of getting us there. Oh, we all chipped in for the gas, which wasn’t real cheap, but it was our adventure! We were rebels! Rebels headed to New Jersey. It was just over the state line, but we felt like Bonnie-Bonnie-Bonnie, and Bonnie (or something like that). At the end of the evening, when Mom and Dad came rolling in, we thought everything was cool and we thought nobody was the wiser. Mom’s car: back in the drive and everything. I had even taken it out and got it gassed up and everything. The mileage. Dad picked up on that small little detail and looked closer.  I heard him. He said to my mom, “You don’t think she went on a road trip, do you?”            


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