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Daily Post: The Panda pit

I know that you all are thinking that I am going to write up some little ditty about the morning after…the morning after I had sex with the little trollop who is a prostitute by all accounts, the little “lady,” who isn’t a lady at all. Well, I wouldn’t say that she is a prostitute […]

Daily Post: Sleeping Beee ahh chhhh (ain’t no beeuty)

Sleeping Beauty. Ha! It is sorta sleeping pretentious if you ask me, but you didn’t. Nobody asked me. Nobody has asked me nothing lately and I sorta feel slighted about that. This “Sleeping Beauty chick”, she wasn’t a real looker to begin with, that was one of my problems. I sorta needed someone to blame. […]

9/5/13- Daily Prompt: Parasite

9/5/13- Daily Prompt A single cell parasite has taken over the planet mutating our behaviors.. It isn’t really as bad as it sounds. After all, it is just a single one of them! I could kind of understand if it were a billion zillion parasites set to consume mankind. But, we’re only talking one. “I […]

9/1/13- Daily Prompt: Sundae upon Sunday

9/1/13- Daily Prompt: Sundae upon Sunday “It was a Sunday morning…” (after Sharon Olds) Well, the first time around it was a Friday morning. Just the same, it was a morning for Sundaes, chocolate Sundaes. No, not just chocolate, that would merely imply…these were better. These were chocolate fudge, gooey, with nuts on top, there […]

Scribbners’ relations from mexico to maine

Subject: I suppose it i 2:28 PM on 9/3/2013 I suppose it is all relative. Mexico, Mexico, or Mexico Maine? There’s China Maine, and Paris Maine and Poland Maine and Norway…. a very unimaginative bunch, those Mainers. I lived there for seven years, so I feel I have paid my dues and can be (in […]

Daily Prompt: The Day of the dead

It was a damp and musty day at Gernsville’s, Mt. Gernsville’s Cemetery up near the Cape. It was North Carolina. You probably know Sister Anne’s Hospital of the Immaculate or something like that? Well, actually I couldn’t say if it was a day, night or early eve. It was around Labor Day, Nineteen-Forty Three or […]