Daily Prompt: The Day of the dead

It was a damp and musty day at Gernsville’s, Mt. Gernsville’s Cemetery up near the Cape. It was North Carolina. You probably know Sister Anne’s Hospital of the Immaculate or something like that? Well, actually I couldn’t say if it was a day, night or early eve. It was around Labor Day, Nineteen-Forty Three or some time like that. I am pretty sure it wasn’t night. I think that I would have known if it was night. At night there are usually an extra ordinary amount of creepy things crawling around there. And believe me; if a ghost tells you there are an extra ordinary amount of creepy crawler things around, there are probably a good number of them. Just imagine, if you will, the number of creepy crawlers (and things they do) that are happening. The stuff hiding in the damp dark earth at that time in the cemetery. I wouldn’t let my kids go rooting around down there for earth worms that might catch even the biggest large mouth bass. I think I’d sooner give the kid Five dollars and say, “Go turn this into dimes and see what trouble you can get into.” Then, I’d have to remember that Five dollars today, I mean, it isn’t the same as when I was ten or eleven. It  just aint. When I went on to my “great reward.” I never really understood how they could say that, “Great Reward” with a straight face. There isn’t anything real great about kicking the bucket and having the bugs rot you from the outside in within, say a few days or so? Maybe longer if the funeral home decides to show you about like a prize-winning horse or a bad apple. What was the damn prize? I guess I could go on and on, but gee, who needs to near all the gory details? Fortunately, for me, it was all pretty painless. For most it usually is. I sorta wish that my beneficiaries had reap the money that could have been coming to them. The costs of caskets! Outlandish. All I wanted was a simple little deal. I was eventually gonna be spread out anyways. I just wanted to be cremated in a fast painless process. Yes, dead people or rather the dead, ghosts have feelings too. Different feelings, but feelings just the same. It all just sorta pisses me off. I didn’t get a lot of respect when I was alive and then, and then to kick me when I am down? Like a double whammy! No, triple. And then; on top of it all, the “good” folks all moan and morn over my grave one time a year. One time if, I am lucky. Gee, what am I saying, “If I am lucky?” I never was “lucky” to become dead in the first place. But, I think you know what I mean. Wait I am sorry. How could I ever expect you to understand what is rolling around in a dead guys brain (other than creepy crawlies and stuff); And, I really do mean that in the best way possible, imaginable? But, the lack of respect and yes “great reward.” Hah!  I did get a granite head stone! That was sort of nice. And, my nieces came out wearing their best (all but that Jeff kid, my brother’s youngest). Well, karma will probably come around and bite him in the butt. Where was I, oh yes, the night/day thing. I guess it didn’t really matter, just so long as it wasn’t night. I mean, if it was night and you got lost in one part of the cemetery and had to get to the other you might well be screwed.  All of those crypts. I mean, that is assuming that you are kinda working your way from the east down. That is assuming that you are working your way from the “creepier” parts of the cemetery to the less creepy and out. I mean, that is the route that I would have taken. There is nothing like a “Cemetery GPS Device,” or anything, but there is a bad way and a worse way. Us ghosts are supposed to look at the negative way of doing things, ergo the “bad and worse way.”  If you didn’t already piece it together, I am (or was and will be) that ghost and we don’t just say, “Boooo.”


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