9/5/13- Daily Prompt: Parasite

9/5/13- Daily Prompt

A single cell parasite has taken over the planet mutating our behaviors..

It isn’t really as bad as it sounds. After all, it is just a single one of them! I could kind of understand if it were a billion zillion parasites set to consume mankind. But, we’re only talking one. “I kinda hope that we can deal. I am no genius scientist or anything. Gee, can’t we do something? Anything? Is there anybody I should call? Maybe, I should wash my hands or something? Now I think of it, now I have been feeling sort of queasy, lighted headed in the past few minutes. Shouldn’t we be getting a little more fresh air?” Then, suddenly people started paying attention to me. This guy who looked over in my direction, it seemed he knew, what he was thinking and talking about. There was this little mind control thing going on.  A Clockwork Orange issh, maybe? I was in my apartment, alone. I don’t have asthma or anything like that, but I felt weird. A panic attack? It was a severe panic attack that hasn’t seem to let up. I got those brown bags, the lunch bags a little while back. It must have been some sort of premonition. I went into the junk space and ripped right into the bag. I felt like an accomplished “hoarder” for a second. I thought to myself. I knew there would be a reason I guess I now had the right to “hoard.” These were, of course, pretty false pretenses and dumb timing. Anyhow, the chief guy, he kinda looked like one of those blank face guys in Star Trek, because that was what this was : A page from Star Trek or Star wars or some SciFi show. This was “Mind Control,” I said that, eh? The chief looked at me when I suggested opening the windows. The “virus” couldn’t spread.  It wasn’t one of those viral viruses, like cholera, typhoid, or something you could catch. This was more like a Trojan Horse viruses, but it had a cholera kick. This was one doozy of a virus, it was too…well…it was scary. I am no computer genius, but even I can tell that is one computer problem that you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) wish on your worst enemy. Those single cell parasites, if they are of the deadly sort, can wipe out damn near anything, or destroy it in minutes. The virus can be lethal, but with an antidote it will be totally harmless. Most viruses are sorta harmless. However, we gotta be vigilant. What if that virus kicks its way in and takes over. We are up a creek. You would probably be better of scaring up a good hot tub a or Jacuzzi than anything else. What is the difference there? Brand names? Any which way, you are screwed royally. Say your prayers?     


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