Daily Post: Sleeping Beee ahh chhhh (ain’t no beeuty)

Sleeping Beauty. Ha! It is sorta sleeping pretentious if you ask me, but you didn’t. Nobody asked me. Nobody has asked me nothing lately and I sorta feel slighted about that. This “Sleeping Beauty chick”, she wasn’t a real looker to begin with, that was one of my problems. I sorta needed someone to blame. In this case, it was the beauty bitch. She needed her beauty rest. Second, I heard, as a joke, that this Sleeping beauty was actually shooting up hormones or something like that. I don’t know, and, I am not somebody to go around spreading rumors (or STDs) and stuff like that, but didn’t they leave all that stuff up to Roger the Rocket and Arod. You know the steroid stuff? Hey, I don’t do anything but watch Football on T.V. Actually, I like baseball more. Baseball, especially pitching and catching, and I guess hitting home runs is a thinking man’s game. Football, too much head banging and chest thumping. I kind of had my fill of getting all bent when I was a kid. The doctors said that I should lie off the head banging for, forever. Baseball is good. I think that I could do without all the trash talk. Oh yes, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Maybe she should be called sleeping babe. A contest or something; sleeping babe of Boston. The Sleeping Babe of Bean Town—has a good ring to it, eh? But, I hear that this babe (who wasn’t a babe) and might not have even been a female! I heard that she might have been shooting up ‘roids (and not Hemorrhoids). If she was just shooting up ‘roids, that would be okay, but doing those performance enhancing drugs that make you talk like Michael Jackson, God rest his soul, even though he was as queer as a three dollar bill. There is another guy. He coulda been a flamer. Nobody would given two shits if he was found in a body bag. But, pretending to be a Sleeping Beauty when you ain’t nut’n but a two bit friggin’ hoe… “excuse my French.” no, I been brought up different. You know, you got some clown on the street and in the bars, everything out of their mouths is friggin’, that! I wouldn’t take my daughter or my mom in to one of those places. My wife, her sister, they own a biker place in Southie. It ain’t real bad, but it ain’t good. My; opinion? Again, nobody asked, but I am gonna get bad any way. My opinion is that you wake her up. Sleep in beauty? She’s so beat ugly that she ain’t gonna get no better looking than the looks she was born with. I mean she could stand a tuck and a nip there, but all in good time. I would have to say that this bee  ah ch must have seen the doctor and he said take: “Two ugly pills and see me in the morning.” She did, and her doctor was the finest in the land. The witch, the fugly witch…it was another shame cause that friggin hoe  because she isn’t gonna get any prettier. In fact, she isn’t gonna be nothin’ but a hassle because her ugly ass should be inside. She should be in serving. So what she is all of 21. She can serve. If you turn off the lights and stick her in the corner the next drunk slob isn’t gonna know the difference between her ass and her elbow. But, her nos runs. There is this kinda whet pool.


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