Live Hagia Sophia

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While in Istanbul touring the Hagia Sophia church and the Imperial Gate, you slip away to the loo and accidentally shatter an ancient mirror to reveal.
Mirroring Istanbul, Turkey, Hagia Sophia. More surprised than anything else you and the sort of half-baked tour that you went on you really had to use the ladies room. You had asked the guide at least a couple of times and he said, “Okay, just a sec.,” and smiled. He said that many, many seconds ago. Now we were on the far side of the church. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I looked around for the most opportune time to break off from the group. It seemed that there were bathrooms all over the place and the mirrored bowls; gorgeous. Unfortunately, they were quite pricey and even if you were able to get one, some antique salesman from between Sydney to London…

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