Vicariously We Live.

The Olympics; the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. have already been named, “Putin’s Olympics.” Whether they are great or are a bust Putin will have his name on them. So far, so good and many have already learned, at least, a smidgeon more than the average bear about the humans who were always built up to be monsters. Okay, there have been one or two minor mishaps that the press has jumped on.  But, the press has been jumping on every band wagon it could since it was…well, since it was in its own embryo. I think that the press’ mother must have eaten something early on before its inception (maybe a raunchy pickle?) and has had a nasty case of irritable bowel syndrome ever since. Yes, Putin– Somebody, somewhere would love it if everything fell apart so they can do some Putin pointing, and say that the whole thing was destined to be a sham from page one. Give the guy a break! Throw a dog a bone. More importantly, give the Russian people a chance! Don’t sell these kids short; they might just surprise us all. Expect them to kiss some of the boo-boos and even make some of them go bye-bye. It is probably just that simple and you don’t have to have some homophobe waving his magic wand, sprinkling proverbial or real gold dust, tapping his heels thrice and nestling with Toto (or wrestling with a bear?) But; if Putin wants to build a new world order in the snow, let him. It’ll probably do some neat things for the economy and tear down yet another wall. Yes; it is a terrible shame that sport has to be so closely intertwined with politics, but these kids are proving to the world that social boo boos can be licked; frogs can grow into princes and Cinderella will come bouncing down the slopes even if it doesn’t mean gold, silver or bronze. These princes and princesses might well be tuned into a myriad of events thousands of miles away skating on a pond or putting a puck past a…goalie!  In short, it says to us all that there is hope! Remember just a few years ago when that head nurse said; “It’s a Girl,” or, “It’s a boy!” Remember?




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