A dog’s day

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A  Dog’s Day

I got my High School degree; I got the “required” bachelors, and went on for my masters. Still, well, after this latest stunt, I don’t think my wife will take me the least bit seriously. She won’t trust me; I was gonna say she wouldn’t trust me any farther than she could throw me, but she had long ago learned that it was merely an exercise in futility. Okay, this hadn’t been the first dumb stunt that I had pulled. Maybe, that is what made me so endearing, lovable and even gullible. The gullible act wore off and I should have saved that “cute card” for a time in need. It isn’t just women who have their emergency cards. However, some women are doled out more than they need or maybe they play their cards better…My wife wasn’t feeling so hot, I figured that it would be…

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