Keeping it light the stooges way!

Keeping it light the stooges way!
June 6, 2013 • by baka8 • in Uncategorized • Leave a comment
I know we’re already 4 days down, but better late than never. If you’re interested in doing this, then let me know, or just post your articles as replies to this post.
Challenges are challenges. Brain teasers are healthy. I know this because a few short months ago I started in on this blogging deal. I began writing more and more each day and now I can’t seem to stop! I used to be a rather prolific writer, but I let that sort of fall to the way side because it was a convenient excuse for being lazy, sorta like one just falls into the habit of doing one thing or another. In my case, it was using my noggin. It wasn’t just a case of, “Ooops, I slipped on a banana peel and have chosen not to use my noggin.” It was a tad bit more serious. It was like, “Ooops, I was on a swing, slipped on two banana peels and landed on a pile of stones.” I landed the wrong way. It wasn’t such a lot of fun, to say the very least and I don’t really think I want to go into it all with total strangers, I’m sure you understand. I guess the upsides of the fall were that I didn’t have to have to have surgery, and that there are nothing but upsides! You gotta be a glass half-full kinda guy in this biz; the living biz. Some people don’t even wind up with a half-full deal. Unfortunately, some people slip and don’t bounce back up. It kind of reminds me of those goofy kiddy clowns, weighted at the bottom that you sort of punch at until you are silly. Those plastic clowns would keep on getting hit and bounce right back up. What would it take to hit one of those suckers so it stayed down! Now, your average adult quickly learns the clown/fall principle, but kids, it takes them a bit longer. I never really did like clowns; maybe I had his clown/fall principle stigma or continuum. I never really did like clowns. They always had this “In your face!” sorta je ne sais quoi about them. It lingers. I wouldn’t say, it isn’t so much a fear or hatred of clowns, as it is a mere dislike of them. However, I have this feeling that the best way to conquer your fears (and I don’t mean to make this into a Psych 101 lesson) is to stare them in the face. Gee, I just re thought that, can you imagine staring a clown in the face? I couldn’t do that for 2 seconds without laughing my ass off. Now that would be a serious challenge! Okay, it wouldn’t be anything like a writing challenge, but it would be fun as hell. Can you imagine getting a pal or two, going down to the local liquor store, picking up some beers then down to your local clown college. Say, “Okay give me your best clown! Hit me! My pal and I are up for a “Laugh off Challenge!” Who knows, maybe they even have a “Two-for-One” special (if not, why not). The write ups on this one could be limitless. I can see it now, in lights: “Middle-Aged Men Take on Clowns!” Or something like “Here Come the Clowns.” There would be two pictures of us at a clown college. And the possibilities could be endless: One could crack open some suds and stare at the same clown and see who laughs first, or one could get two different clowns and time the laugh. Personally, I think I would prefer the single clown and suds would be your best bet, (oh yea, to make it interesting, as if there could possibly be anything “more” interesting and less ridiculous than a couple of grown men staring at clowns) you could place bets on who laughs hardest or who laughs themselves shitless, who wets their pants, etc. I suppose it is all about keeping yourself young, healthy, and wise. But this clown college stuff would probably be; neither healthy, wealthy, nor wise. I suppose that you’d have to have a designated driver of sorts. Two clowns and a nit-whit? Somebody, drunk or sober would be bound to land on their butts by the end of the evening. The Three Wise Men! More like the Three Stooges. Vaudeville and slapstick at its best. A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. Three Stooges? There was even one more of them, an extra, there were four stooges, at various times.
In the distance one can hear the echooof Shemp’s boisterous and hilarious: “nyuuuuuukkk, nyuuuuuukkk, nyuuuuuukk, soitanly boyz” and dya’ know boyz? A laugh a day ‘ll keep the doc away!!!


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