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OddityA flock of odd colored birds follow you everywhere…Last week, it was odd—at least I thought it odd—when I recalled these seagulls seemingly chasing me, staying in my shadow. Maybe, I was in their shadow. It was odd. Oh, I said that. Well, it really was. It was odd to the point of being downright […]

Art appreciation of certain stuff

Art Appreciation of certain stuff Do you need to agree with an artist’s lifestyle or politics to appreciate their art? To spend money on it?Are you serious in asking this? Now, I am sure how it might be more “convenient,” to be on the same page. But, I am sure Thomas Paine, Andrew Jackson, and […]

Birds of a feather don’t always stick together

I’ll never forget it. It was 32 yrs ago, and I was in the Boy Scouts of America, and I was a red head, and, and I was a frightened little kid. Now, just thinking about it I am frightened, I am a frightened big kid. Much of my red hair, well, I’d have to […]

A dog’s day

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A  Dog’s Day I got my High School degree; I got the “required” bachelors, and went on for my masters. Still, well, after this latest stunt, I don’t think my wife will take me the least bit seriously. She won’t trust me; I was gonna say she wouldn’t trust…

Keeping it light the stooges way!

Keeping it light the stooges way!June 6, 2013 • by baka8 • in Uncategorized • Leave a comment I know we’re already 4 days down, but better late than never. If you’re interested in doing this, then let me know, or just post your articles as replies to this post.Challenges are challenges. Brain teasers are […]

Boys will be boys: From the inside out

Now you kids. Young men! Get in here now, the young Acolyte at St. Joe’s Catholic, said to the middle schoolers, who chose to skip class and slap the puck on the blacktop rather than stay in and complete their math assignments. It was already too clear, and there had been a bit of rumor, […]

Vicariously We Live.

The Olympics; the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. have already been named, “Putin’s Olympics.” Whether they are great or are a bust Putin will have his name on them. So far, so good and many have already learned, at least, a smidgeon more than the average bear about the humans who were always built up […]

Frappes, Like Revenge Are Best Served Cold

Writing my wrongs. Abstraction. It was truly a one off. I guess it should have been considered as nothing more than “bothersome.” If I let it be more than that, it might become part of me. I should not, I should not have let it, become more than a simple abstraction, yet it evolved and […]

One ringy dingy

Well, not exactly “sexting.” I don’t think I am one of those avid closet sexters. I am not even…well, closet, out of the closet, I am not any kind of sexter! Sure, I guess I might be a little guilty of typing a word or two about…I might comment on kids these days. I am […]

Live Hagia Sophia

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While in Istanbul touring the Hagia Sophia church and the Imperial Gate, you slip away to the loo and accidentally shatter an ancient mirror to reveal.Mirroring Istanbul, Turkey, Hagia Sophia. More surprised than anything else you and the sort of half-baked tour that you went on you really had…